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How to Memorize to Get Good Marks

There are neuron patterns created in one’s mind through which one can memorize the concept he desires. Have you ever wondered while driving a car, how can one memorize the gears and indicators and how to operate the car? The answer is simple, practice and habit. So, why not use the same concept while studying?But

Do We Need to Save Delhi Football?

These days Santosh trophy trial is going on and players from all the countries are giving their best but I just saw a viral WhatsApp message which is showing the harsh reality of our Capital city. It’s been happening for the past few years that Delhi Santosh trophy trials committee is dominated by a single

Survey on Health Care

In today’s world people are spending lots of money on health policies and hospitals all because of various health problems. So to avoid these health issues people spend a lot of money on doctor’s fee i.e OPD and those who think it’s a waste of money, they never go to hospital even when they feel requirement. So keeping

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