Vivah Hetu Anudan Yojana in Uttar Pradesh

Vivah Hetu Anudan Yojana in Uttar Pradesh

No state government can expect to attain success and growth if they do not empower the women adequately. Steps to secure their health, education and financial state are a must. So, the state government of UP has come up with a new scheme, especially for the women of the poor sections of the society. The name of scheme is Vivah Hetu Anudan Yojana. And Bhagyalaxmi Yojana also has been started by Uttar Pradesh. Here you can go for UP Yojana’s 2017-18 List.

What is Vivah Hetu Anudan Yojana? | Date of Announcement

According the announcements of Yogi Adityanath, the state government will assist in the empowerment of the poor women and the marriage of girls. Thus, the Vivah Hetu Anudan Yojana has been implemented in UP. The announcement was officially made by the CM in April, 2017.

Key Features of the scheme

  1. Monetary assistance – With the scheme, the state government will provide the families of eligible girls with a certain sum. The state will transfer Rs. 20,000 into the accounts of people belonging to BPL section and a sum of Rs. 10,000 for taking care of medical expenses of poor women.
  2. Encouraging legal marriages – As the state will aid financially in marriages of legally aged girls, the cases of minor marriages will be reduced significantly. It will assist in the development of all.
  3. Creating awareness – The state of the women and girls, belonging to poor classes, both in rural and urban areas is not good. So the scheme will assist in creating a general awareness about the aids that the state will provide for girls.
  4. Harboring positive attitude – Even now, many poor families think of the female children as burdens. The state government will provide financial support during the illness and marriage for the females.

Eligibility criteria for the scheme

  1. It has been declared in the scheme that only the legal residents of the state of Uttar Pradesh will be given the opportunity of registering under this particular program.
  2. As the scheme also provides aid to people falling in the BPL section, all families with annual revenue of less than Rs. 56,460 and Rs. 46,080 in urban and rural areas respectively will be allowed to register.
  3. There is no cast barrier for registering under the scheme. Apart from OBC, ST, and SC, people falling under the minority groups will also get the opportunity of registering under the scheme.

How to Register/ Apply

  1. All applications will be made and received on the official portal.
  2. After this, the interested applicant will have to click on the category of cast and make the selection respectively. They can choose between ST, SC, and OBC. Then they will have to click on the New Registration option.
  3. When this has been done, the actual online application form will be displayed. The applicant will have to fill in the form with the required details and then click on the button marked as “Submit.”

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Application Form

For registering under the scheme, the applicant will have to go online. It is the only way of registering under the scheme. The applicant will have to log online and fill the online form by typing in the required information.

Documents required for application

  1. Unique Identification Code – After the successful implementation of the Aadhar Card, the central and the state governments have made it mandatory to produce the Aadhar Code with the application form. The information on the Aadhar Card will assist in identity and address verification.
  2. Certificate of cast – As the state government has implemented the scheme for the empowerment of the women belonging to the backward casts, like OBC, ST or SC; the applicants will have to produce their cast certificates.
  3. Income certificate – The state government has also included the women of general cast, provided they fall in the BPL section. For verifying this, the applicants will have to produce their income certificate.
  4. Age certificate – As the state will provide monetary assistance to brides who have attained legal age for marriage only, the applicants will have to produce birth certificate or any other paper for proving the age claims of the bride.
  5. Certification of marriage – For getting the monetary help for marriage, the application will have to be attached with the official papers of the certification of marriage. Without it, the application will be rejected.
  6. Details of the bank account – The monetary assistance that will be provided from the state government, will not be handed over to the applicants. The cash amount will be transferred in their bank accounts. So, it is necessary that the applicants have bank accounts and these details must be provided while registering the application.
  7. Disability or widow certificate – In case the applicant is suffering from any disability or is a widow, then they can get the financial assistance from the state but for this, they will have to provide the respective certificates.
  8. Passport sized photographs – For providing the proof of identity, the applicants will also have to provide their passport sized photos, which have been clicked in the recent times.

Official website

In case any doubt is bother you, logging on to the official website of the program will assist in answering all your questions. To reach the home page of the official website, the interested candidate will have to go on official website and gather the required information.

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