UP farmer Loan | Kissan Karz Mafi Yojana in Uttar Pradesh

UP farmer Loan or Kissan Karz mafi yojana in Uttar Pradesh

During the last election, the BJP make tall promises to the common people of Uttar Pradesh, which will assist then in elevating the present living status. Among these, Modi also announced that if BJP is brought to power they will take necessary precautions for developing the state of the rural farmers in the state. All these worked like magic and the party was voted to power. The leadership of the state government was given into the hands of Yogi Adityanath and he made it clear that he wants to keep all the promises made to the common people. One of the main schemes that the farmers are looking forward to implementation is the UP farmer Loan or Kissan Karz Mafi Yojana.

After the farmers protest in MP, Government announced Krishi Rin Samadhan Yojana In Madhya Pradesh.

Launching date of the scheme

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath announced the Kissan Karz Mafi Yojana during the very first Cabinet Meeting under his reign. The Cabinet Metting was held during the month of April, 2017. The CM made the announcement that all the farmers who are under the pressure of repaying the loans, will be relieved from making any further payments. The loans that they have taken will be cancelled.

Key features of the scheme

The following are the key features of the Yojana:

  1. According to the announcement of made by the Central Government, the state of Uttar Pradesh has the second position in respect to the debt. Thus, with the implementation of the scheme, the state government will be able to provide the loan amount from its coffers.
  2. As per the survey reports, around 92.5% of all the rural farmers are have opted for one loan scheme or another. As the production and sale of crops in not good, they are finding it difficult to repay the loan amounts.
  3. Under the scheme, the government will be allotting a whopping Rs. 36,359 crore from the state budget. It is feared that freeing such a big amount of loan will affect the banking in a negative manner. But the government is set on helping the farmers for now.
  4. Under the scheme, the government will be able to provide financial relief to all the farmers who have been facing monetary losses due to climatic conditions. Around 700,000 farmers will be benefited under the NPAs as the government has allotted Rs. 5,630 crore for cancelling the loan payments.
  5. Under the scheme, the state government will provide assistance to all those farmers, who have taken a loan up to 1 lakh. They will not have to pay any interest or the actual credit amount.

Eligibility criteria for the scheme

The following are the criteria, which are required for registering under the scheme:

  1. First of all, the farmers wanting to register under the scheme will have to fall in the poor category. They will have to fall under the below poverty level. Only those farmers who fall in the financially deprived category will be able to take advantage of the scheme.
  2. Only those farmers will be able to avail the advantages of the scheme who have taken a loan of not more than 1 lakh. The farmers who fall in this category will be able take advantage of the Yojana.
  3. Only those farmers will be able to apply for the receiving the benefits of the scheme who will be permanent residents of the state of Uttar Pradesh. This is the main criteria of the scheme.

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Government funding details

The government will be allotting around Rs. 36,359crore towards the successful implementation of the scheme. The amount will include Rs 5,630 crore that has been included in the NPAs. The entire sum of money will be allotted from the state budget. The state government will also take necessary steps to assist the wheat cultivators for getting better profits while selling the produce. The government also wants to eliminate the activities of the middlemen who take away a big part of the profits.

With the implementation of the Yojana, the poor farmers will be able to get a lot of economic advantage. It will assist the farmers in enhancing their economic standards. With the pressure of repaying the loans lifted from their shoulders, they will be able to focus more on the development of crop production.

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