Swadhar Greh Scheme

Swadhar Greh Scheme

Though India has been making a lot of progress in every sphere, there is one stigma that does not seem to leave the nation. It is associated with the sorry state of the women and girls in the country. The poor Indian women have to suffer from various kinds of problems. Apart from poverty and lack of proper academic facilities, they also have to face the underdeveloped scheme of women empowerment. Thus, it is the responsibility of the government and the society to take necessary steps for proving these helpless women with proper opportunities to stand on their own feet.

These groups of women include those released from the various prisons that have been deserted by their family members. Some of these women are victims of human trafficking, domestic violence while some have been abandoned by the members of their family when their husbands dies. All these women are need to help and this has been ensured by the Swadhar Greh program. The Swadhar Greh Scheme was initially launched in the year 2002. In the wake of the BJP government, the scheme has been implemented for developing the state of helpless women in the nation.

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Objective of the Swadhar Greh scheme

The first and the main objective of the Swadhar Greh Scheme are to bring the downtrodden women into the main stream society. All these women have been shunned by the society and their family members. Thus, the government will work towards rehabilitating these women by providing them with shelter, nutritious food, some employment opportunities, clothing and health security. By providing these facilities, the government will be able to make these women self-sufficient and give them a chance to join the main stream society.

Each of the homes will have the capacity of giving shelter to around 30 women. The capacity of every home can be increased to 50 to 100. The increase in the capacity will be done after closely analyzing and assessing various aspects. The government decided that each district must have at least one SwadharGreh.

Beneficiaries of the scheme

The main beneficiaries comprise of the widows abandoned by relatives and families. The scheme will also include women convicts who have been released from the prison. These women are left to fend for themselves as they have no family support. The scheme will also provide support to female victims of natural tragedies. Women who have been victims of any extremist or terrorist activity will also be supported under the program. In short, this program has been developed for lending a helping hand to all women who are in dire need of support.

Eligibility for enrolling under the scheme

After knowing about the beneficiaries, it is time that you get a clear idea about the eligibility criteria for enrolling under the program:

  1. Age Limit :Be a part of the scheme, all the women and the girls will have to be of the legal age of 18 years. The candidates will have to be legally adults for enrolling under the program as they will be responsible for themselves.
  2. Social Status :Only those women will be able to register under the program who are without any support. The women who belong to weak economic and social strata will be given preference by the NGOs.

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Documents required for enrolling

The following list will give you a clear idea about the documents, which are required for being a part of the scheme:

  1. ID Proof :The first thing that any interested candidate will require for enrolling under the program is the voter identity card. This ID proof will give the authority a chance to check the age and the where about of the candidate.
  2. Photo ID proof Or Aadhaar Card :The candidate will also have to produce the Aadhar Card. This ID proof will allow the NGO to gather information and do background checks on the woman. In case the candidate does not have access to Aadhar Card, she will have to produce some photo ID proof.

How to get enrolled

The process of getting the name registered under the Swadhar Greh program has been laid out in the following section:

  1. When any candidate approaches the NGOs, the first thing that the authorities do is collect all the information. They also enquire about how the candidate came to know about the SwadharGreh agency. Next they collect information about their socio-economic background and also investigate about their problems.
  2. The counselor of the NGO or the agency will have to conduct a special interview session for collecting the detailed report and the preparing the case file for the victim. It will assist the NGO in provide the proper aid to the candidate.
  3. The people in the agency will help the candidate in getting an upper hand on her traumatic past and provide her with the proper advice that will assist her in making her own identity.
  4. After collecting every piece of information, associated with her past and social background, the people in the NGO will enter all the details in the admission book. It will aid them in keeping a track of the candidate’s progress.
  5. When any women or girl gets admission into the Swadhar Greh, all her details are sent to the head of the police station. This will be done within a span of 24 hours. A copy of FIR or acknowledgement from the police station will be filed in. In the very same way, the police station is notified one day in advance, when a candidate is being released.
  6. In case the candidate does not possess the unique identification pass, the agency will give her an ID card that will contain her name and photograph. Immediate action will be taken by the authority to get the Aadhar Card made for the candidate.
  7. Within a span of 3 days form her admission in the Swadhar Greh, the authority will have to arrange for a full medical checkup of the candidate. If the candidate is suffering for any STD, then she will be sent to the nearest VCTC as soon as possible.

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Covered area of the scheme

The program is operating in full swing in all parts of the country. The number of Swadhar Homes in the country has gone up to 311. Many of these are located in the state of Maharashtra and Gujarat. As Mumbai does not have a single Swadhar Home, the NGOs are focusing in this area. According to the reports, 4247 female candidates have been assimilated in the year 2014 to 2015.

Benefits of the Swadhar Greh program scheme

The following are the main advantages of the Swadhar Greh program:

  1. All helpless victims will be provided with proper shelter, medical aid, food, clothing so that they can be assured. Apart from these, the NGOs also try to engage them in some kind of job so that they can earn their own livelihood.
  2. Apart from providing the women with the opportunity to get rehabilitated financially, the medical counselors will also provide them with mental support. It will strengthen the emotional quotient as well.
  3. The Swadhar Greh is the place that will come to the rescue of women. They play the role of being the main support structure of the candidates in distress. The members of the NGOs try to instill the lost confidence in the women and give them the much needed assistance in reentering the mainstream life.
  4. These homes will give the women in distress with a roof over their heads, proper clothing and food so that they can fight their battle, for the time being. Along with these, the homes also offer them job trainings and will also provide them with emotional support via telephonic conversations.
  5. Due to the lack of awareness about sexually transmitted disease like AIDS, women suffering from this ailment are forced out of their homes. These women will be able to enroll under the program. Apart from this, the women who have fallen prey to human trafficking will also be helped under the Yojana.

Supervised By and Contact Details

The entire program is operated, planned, implemented and supervised by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. All the decisions, associated with the development of the Yojana, are taken by the high placed officers of the department. The task of the rehabilitation centers is also analyzed by District Level Committees and District Magistrate.

Help Line Number:

The volunteers or members providing help to the women candidates can be reached by dialing the toll free number 181. Another way of getting in touch with the members of the NGO is by contacting the Officer in Charge at the police station. The police will make necessary arrangement by getting in touch with the NGOs. The victim can choose to contact the NGOs directly and get the necessary help.

With the spread of the Swadhar Homes, the state of the helpless women will be developed. They will be able to become economically sound and will be in a position to take care of themselves. The government and the NGOs need to put more stress on its better implementation.

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