Suryamitra Scheme In Uttar Pradesh | How to Apply for Suryamitra Scheme

Suryamitra Scheme Uttar Pradesh

Unemployment has been an alarming issue that has been bothering the past and the present governments of the state of Uttar Pradesh. Before the election was organized in the state, BJP had undertaken a massive campaign. They played on this weakness of the state and highlighted the need for creating more job opportunities for the youngsters of the state. The main point in the election manifesto of the party was to provide jobs to all so that they can develop their standard of life.

These promises played in favor of the party and they came to the political throne. Yogi Adityanath was selected as the new CM of the state. Keeping in line with the promises which had been made by the party, the CM started the task of drafting, launching and implementing various programs for the development of the people and the state as well. One such policy is named Suryamitra Scheme. The design of the policy has been done in such a way that its implementation will bring a host of employment opportunities for the young and unemployed. The announcement of the plan has already been made by the CM and if the reports are to be believed, then the work towards the implementation will be done from the month of May, 2017.For the good future of the youth, Himachal Pradesh is Also supporting Unemployment Allowance Scheme in Himachal Pradesh .

Eligibility criteria For Suryamitra Scheme

The following are the eligibility criteria that the interested applicants must possess:

  1. Age limit – All candidates who are interested in getting their names registered under the program, must not be below the legal age of 18 years. Any candidate who has still not attained the age will not be permitted to apply.
  2. Id and residential proof – The interested candidates will have to produce documents, which will support their ID claims. The scheme has been designed for benefit all young and unemployed people who are residents of the state of UP.
  3. Academic qualifications – The state government has drafted the scheme in such a manner that people with different academic qualification will get the opportunity of getting a job, under the state government. People who have degrees of graduation, post-graduation and 12th standard pass certificate at least, will be permitted to submit the applications.
  4. Stamp of a recognized education institute – It has been made mandatory under the guidelines of the policy that the application of only those applicants will be accepted who have received the education from registered institutes only.

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Main features of Suryamitra Scheme

All interested candidates need to take a look at the features of the policy. It will assist them in understanding the scheme and its various aspects in a clear manner. The following are the salient features of the policy:

  1. Job opportunity for unemployed – All the unemployed and the youngsters of the state will be provided with the opportunity of getting an employment opportunity under the state government. The jobs will be generated under UPNEDA or the Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency.
  2. Number of posts – As per the guidelines of the policy, the state authorities will assist around 25,000 youngsters who are still without any job. The CM has also added that they will succeed in employing 10,000 individuals by the end of May.
  3. Starting the screening process – Once all the applications have been submitted, the respective departments will start the selection process of the applications. All the fit candidates will be allowed to sit for passing the Screening Tests. It will also be conducted in May.
  4. Holding written tests – Apart from the screening exams, the respective departments will also ask the candidates to appear for written examinations. The exam has been scheduled to be held in the very last week of the month of May.
  5. UPNEDA training – If and when the selected candidates pass all the examinations, they will be receiving appropriate training from the experts at UPNEDA. These training sessions will give them knowledge in the field.

Area for the job under the Suryamitra Scheme

The state government will be looking for eligible candidates who will be able to fill in the vacancies in the posts of component, designers, installation, procurement, surveying the site, maintain and operating solar PV structures, commissioning activities. The jobs will also be categorized under the Group B and Group C. Recruitments will also be made for filling the vacancies of individuals in the Marketing Departments.

How to Apply For Suryamitra Scheme

If any individual meets all the requirements, as mentioned under the guidelines of the scheme, then they will have to fill in the online application form and get their names registered under the program.

  1. For filling the form, the candidate will have to make sure that they do not make any mistakes while typing in the name, residential address, contact details like the mobile phone number and e-mail ID.
  2. The candidates will also have to type in the name of the father and the occupation with which, he was associated. They will also have to select the district that they belong to. The options are available in the drop down box, in the form.
  3. The candidates will also have to type in the details about their academic qualifications. The form also has the options of the required legal documents. The option corresponding to the papers, which a particular candidate is submitting, must be clicked on.
  4. Once the form has been filled in an error free manner, the person will have to click on the submit option. As soon as the option is clicked on, the server of scheme will save the draft in the proper manner.

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Documents required For the Suryamitra Scheme

The following documents will be required with the application form:

  1. ID proof – First of all, the interested candidate will have to furnish the Aadhar document. This will enable the authority in verifying the claim of ID and residential address. The birth date and father’s name will also be mentioned on the card.
  2. Age proof – In case the candidate does not have an Aadhar card, he or she will have to attach proper documents, which will be able to give the authorities a clear idea of the actual age of the candidate.
  3. Academic certificates – As there are many posts available under the scheme, the person applying for particular post will have to match up to the academic requirements. To support the claims, the applicant will have to attach photocopies of the academic degrees.
  4. ST/SC certificate – If the candidate is belonging to any of the backward classes, ST or SC category, then he or she will have to attach a photocopy of the cast certificate as well.

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Official site of the scheme

All the information on the scheme, the guidelines, the process of applying and the selection process have been highlighted in a systematic manner for the easy understanding of all. If anyone has any doubts, then they can log on to the official webpage of the policy and gather the required data. The official website of the program is

With the creation of so many employment opportunities, the Yogi government will be able to keep promises that the party had made in their election manifesto. When the unemployed individuals of the state get the opportunity to work under the state government and earn their livelihood, the needs of migration to other parts of the nation will not be necessary. The implementation of the scheme will assist the government in increasing the overall development of the state. Without providing jobs to the next generation, the enhancement of the social and economic scenario of a state is not possible.

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