Student Traffic Volunteers Scheme in Odisha

Student Traffic Volunteers Scheme in Odisha

Odisha state government introduced an innovative scheme for resolving the growing traffic and staff shortage problem in the state. The student volunteer’s scheme allows the state youths to work as the traffic regulators. It will be great opportunity for the college students to work along with city police as part time. Meanwhile for governing authority it would be the big relief for them to tackle the high demand of man power on addressing the social problems of the state.

About the Student Traffic Volunteers Scheme

The student Traffic Volunteers scheme would be the first ever scheme giving opportunity for the students to work as a part timer for the state traffic police department. The noval scheme of the Odisha government offers the employment opportunities to the college students of the state; also they can earn some handsome pocket money for their part time work of 3 hours.  

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Key features of the scheme

  • The volunteers who work as a part time, traffic regulators in the twin city Bhubaneswar and Cuttack won’t have the power as the normal regulators do. They can’t charge fine on the people who disobey the traffic rules.
  • With this new volunteer’s scheme, students especially the university students can able to earn up to Rs. 3000 per month. Meanwhile, pay will be carried on daily basis to the respective students.
  • The scheme gives major relief to the governing body to tackle the manpower. Currently, about 3 to 4 traffic personal placed to monitor and regularize the traffic. With the implementation of this scheme, two persons can be replaced by the students.
  • So far now, about 235 traffic cops are carrying the full responsibility of addressing and regulating the entire city traffic needs. And payment will be deposited directly to the respective student’s bank account.

As the state getting over populated, it is estimated that around 10 L vehicles are in the roads of the state Odisha. By introducing such innovative schemes like student volunteers it will be so useful for government officials on handling the staff shortage problem.

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