Shopping Mall  For Self Help Groups (SHG) In West Bengal

Shopping Mall  For Self Help Groups (SHG) In West Bengal

The state government of Kolkata has announced a new initiative taken by the Self employed and self help group (SHG) of the state to establish a shopping center facility across different places in the state to help sell their produces. This is a step taken with an aim to help SGHs reach directly to their customers for their products. The facility will help these groups to generate better source of income for the members of SHG and self employment departments within the state.

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Launched Details

  • The new initiative has been encouraged by the state Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for a number of years in the past.
  • Presently the new initiative will be regulated and supervised by the state Municipal department (For land distribution) , SHGs and Self employment departments for operation and establishment state wide.
  • The project is still determined as the Pilot project and is under development stage for implementation.
  • The new initiative to be implemented was announced by the CM at the event held at Sabala Mela Park at the basin of the salt lake.

Key Features

  • To establish the shopping mall the Municipal Corporation has already announced the distribution of over 12 Cottah plot land to the SHG.
  • It is also clear that the SHG members will be able to sell their products in the shopping mall that will be located in City area for better profits.
  • The SHG members will also be provided with space for selling their products in various shopping fairs in the city.
  • The department has also announced that it shall try and organize to export the products manufactured by SHG members.
  • They have added that the products manufactured by these groups are already in demand in various international markets.
  • According to latest updates the department is also looking forward to help establish stalls for products manufactured by SHGs in various districts within the state.
  • With the above mentioned implementation it is obvious that the state government will be able to drive away the problem of poverty from economically backward class from the state.
  • It will also help in maintaining right level of earning potential for the members belonging to these groups by helping them generate better income for their family.
  • The scheme is aimed at empowering the women of the state and BC class so they can generate consistent income every month.

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The new drive and initiative has been taken by the state government to help improve the standard of living of the people and women belonging to rural and backward class of the society. It will offer them with more opportunities to get employed for themselves.

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