Scheme for Development of Buddhist / Tibetan Culture

Scheme for Development of Buddhist / Tibetan Culture

The central government has announced the provision for providing financial assistance for offering support to various NGOs for organizing programs for implementing scheme for Development of Buddhist / Tibetan Culture. The new implementation was announced by the State Minister for Culture and Climate change, Forest and Environment Dr. Mahesh Sharma officially.

Main Objective

According to the sources, the main objective of the new implementation is to provide with all possible financial assistance to the organizations and Monasteries belonging to Tibetan and Buddhist groups to help them make implementations in research, traditions and culture sector.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • According to the statements made, it is important that the Societies, Organizations or institutions seeking grants and financial assistance should be registered under the 1860 society registration act.
  • The statements have also been made that the financial grants will be offered to the societies and organizations that have already been functional for minimum of last three years and working towards Tibetan and Buddhist studies for development of culture and traditions.
  • It is also stated that to take full benefit under the scheme for grants, the societies should be registered at the All India (National) or Regional level legally.
  • The sources have also made it very clear that the grant will be offered in the form of non-recurring and ad-hoc format such that the organization or society will be able to take the benefit of it for only one time.
  • The government has also made it very clear that the financial assistance will only be provided to the organization or society if they have not taken grants or financial assistance from any other external sources till date for same reason. So in case any organization has already applied for grant under other program then they may not be eligible for financial assistance.
  • The sources have also stated that the organizations and societies will be able to make use of the financial assistance for certain purposes including construction of class rooms, training centers, hostel buildings and school buildings.
  • The government has also made it very clear that the preferences will be offered to the sources and organizations that are having the ability and access to all possible resources and are able to perform better in the relevant field for development.

Grant structure and government contribution

  • A maximum of Rs 30 lakhs grant will be offered for any organization for one year. In case the society or organization gets recommendations from the advisory committee then the amount of grant can be increased after consideration.
  • The government will offer a maximum of 75 percent grant for any single organization while the remaining of 25 percent shall be borne by the UT administration or the state government.

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In order to complete the procedure for application the respective organization will have to submit their complete documents to the UT or state government offices. In case the organization belongs to Kargil, Kashmir, Leh, Sikkim or North eastern states then the applications will be directly submitted at the District collector or commissioners office to the Cultural Ministry.

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