Safe City Surveillance Scheme Bihar

Safe City Surveillance Scheme in Bihar

Safe City Surveillance Scheme in Bihar has been launched recently. Under this scheme state authority will check on the traffic and women harassment related issues in public places. The main need for launching the scheme is to observe and take immediate action against any crime or harassment against women in the state round the clock.

Launch Details

Chief Minister of Bihar, Shree Nitish Kumar has officially launched the scheme on mid of the last month of the year 2017. During the state cabinet meeting, CM has given his approval to many development schemes in the state along with Safe City Surveillance Scheme on 12th December in the cabinet meeting.

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Main Features of the Scheme

  • Objective: Under the scheme CCTV cameras will be installed in many public places. Supervisors and authority will monitor all the traffic related and eve-teasing related issues.
  • New Officers: Under the scheme a complete new designs and designations will be started. New officials will be appointed in various designations to supervise and implement the scheme in the state.
  • Traffic Police stations: Also the authority has said there will be traffic police stations or Yatayat Thana in the places under Nagar Nigam that has nearly 2 Lac populations. 1485 numbers of people will be appointed in posts to work on various traffic activities.
  • Other Schemes: In the same meeting the CM has given nod to many other schemes. New posts will be created in jails to supervise the prisoners. Financial grant to be given to Muslim Divorce, worth of Rs. 25000/- and Toyota Innova Crysta cars will be given to the Judges from Patna with budget of Rs. 9.09 Cr.


The total budget for this scheme has been allocated is Rs. 110.68 Cr. This amount will be for the installation of the CCTV cameras, supervision and setting up control rooms and so on.

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Implementation Process

  • There will be a control room from where the implementation process will be done. Through these installed cameras in public places activities will be monitored.
  • There will be officials at the fields and local police stations. Officials from the control rooms will be connected to these local and field officials all the time to convey the messages and vice versa.
  • If any of the alarming activities has been noticed in the control room at any point of time in a day or night, the local officials will be notified to take an immediate action against the situation or person.
  • This will also help the control room to check on traffic activities along with eve-teasing and women harassments across the state.
  • Along with traffic police station establishments other schemes related to police system in the state have been started, as said above. These schemes will soon start implementing across the state.

Bihar is one of the leading states where women harassment and eve-teasing takes place every now and then. To reduce the increasing crime against women in the state the CM has taken this initiative. Also other schemes have initiated to enhance the police system in all sectors.

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