RAHAT (Rajasthan Heart Attack Treatment Programme)

RAHAT (Rajasthan Heart Attack Treatment Programme) 

Apart from striving to attain economic stability, the new government of India, under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, has been working tirelessly for the improvement of the life and health standards of the people. According to the latest reports, due to the unhygienic living conditions and the lack of proper medical awareness, the poor sections of the society have been suffering a lot.

One such scheme has been implemented in the state of Rajasthan. The percentage of deaths caused due to heart related issues has been increasing at an alarming rate. This has been a major cause of concern for the Health Ministry of the Modi Government. Under the sanction of the Union government, the state authority of Rajasthan, under the leadership of Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje laid down the founding stone for the scheme that will enable people from the weaker classes to get medical aid. The name of the scheme is Rajasthan Heart Attack Treatment plan.

Samajik Suraksha Pension Yojana has been implemented in the state by the CM for all. And after the BJP Government in UP, the state has also announced Advance Life Support Ambulance or ALSA program .

About the RAHAT scheme

The number of people, suffering from heart related issues and susceptible to heart attacks is comparatively more in the state of Rajasthan. Thus, the state government along with Dr. Sameer Mehta, the chairperson of the reputed Eternal Hospital has set up the RAHAT or Rajasthan Heart Attack Treatment plan.

Launch Details Of RAHAT or Rajasthan Heart Attack Treatment

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan and Dr. Mehta inaugurated the Rajasthan Heart Attack Treatment scheme in the hospital premise on the 25th of February. If this scheme becomes successful then the poor people of the state will get aid and expert advice for putting a stopper to the causes of heart attack.

Scope of the scheme

The entire technology of the plan is based on the ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction system. This system has been implemented in more than 32 nations, all over the world. The death rate due to heart attack in these nations is around 5%. With the implementation of the medical platform, the health sector has been able to solve the issues of people suffering from heart related issues.

The rate of deaths, due to heart attack in India is almost 15%. It is the right time to make use of the advanced medical technologies. Many facilities are available for the rich people, living in the urban areas. But with the STEMI Telemedicine platform, even the poor living in the rural areas will get the same benefits as their urban counterparts.

Technology of the RAHAT scheme

The RAHAT scheme is based on the latest technology known as the STEMI or the ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction. It is by far the most common telemedicines platform, used for the diagnosis and the treatment of patients with serous heart conditions. With the assistance of this platform, the doctors and the medical experts will be able to take the EKG reports and send them to the headquarters. The experts in the main medical center will be able to analyze the reports. They will then be in a better position to advice the patients. The doctors will be able to talk to the patients via internet.

Key features of the scheme

For the time being the scheme has only been implemented in the state of Rajasthan. If it proves to be a success then the central government can integrate it to the other states as well. The main feature of the scheme is to give the poor and rural folks the benefit of getting the reports checked by the specialist, sitting in the urban centers. This has been facilitated by the internet connectivity.

The reports can be sent to the doctors in the headquarters within a matter of minutes and they will be able to interact with the patients at a one to one basis. They will be able to suggest treatments and medicines to eliminate the chances of heart attack.

For the time being, Jaipur has been selected as the center for setting up the main medical hubs. The rural areas, falling within 100 km radius of the city will be incorporated in the program. Depending on the response and the success level of the program, the radius will be increased eventually.

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Benefits of the scheme

This scheme has been developed for the poor and the rural people, who lack the advantages, which are available in the urban areas. The people will no longer have to travel to get their hearts checked. They can do it from the medical centers in the selected villages.

Another advantage of the plan is that they will be able to get consultation from doctors who are considered experts in the field of cardiology. If it were not for the scheme, the rural people might have never been able to get advice for these legends.

Last but not the least, the service will be provided for free. Yes! The government will not charge any fee from the patients. The patients will just have to pay a minimal amount to get the names registered.

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Challenges of the scheme

Apart from the various benefits of the scheme, there are some challenges, which must be tackled in a proactive manner. For instance, the needy people will get the benefit of free consultation only. With free consultation, cheaper treatment will make the scheme a bigger hit among the poor sections.

Free insurance scheme also has been started by Haryana Sate as the name of Haryana Muft Bima Yojana

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