Punjab to Implement National SC-ST Hub Scheme

Punjab to Implement National SC-ST Hub Scheme

Mr. Sadhu Singh Dharamsot Minority welfare and Back ward class Minister Punjab State has ensured that the state government of Punjab would be offering with complete support for implementing ST-SC hub scheme in the state. According to the statements made the scheme is implemented for facilitating the people belonging to the SC and ST category for becoming successful business entrepreneurs.

Launch details

  • The new scheme for implementation was announced by the Minister officially on 8th January 2018 in the cabinet meeting after the approval by the Union government for implementation.

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Set Budget

According to the PJS Rao – Union Ministry Director for Medium, micro and small industries the state government has already allocated a set budget of Rs 490 crore to be implementing in this scheme for making state SC- ST hub.

Key Features

  • The new initiative has been taken by the state government with an aim to help over 35 percent of the people belonging to the SC-ST categories in the state. The announcement has been made with an aim to help provide them with much better opportunities and to create a SC-ST hub within the Ludhiana City.
  • The statements were also made such that the state government will do all possible needs that is required for best implementation of the scheme by creating awareness programs amongst the people.
  • This step has been taken by the state government with an aim that more number of people belonging to this category can get the benefit of the scheme.
  • With the implementation of the scheme the state government will also try and provide people with much better facilities for loan and other benefits under the scheme such that they can get established for manufacturing and selling products. This will help in improving the social economic status of the people belonging to the SC-ST society.
  • The CM had also stated that the PSUs (Public sectors) have been offered with an overall procurement equivalent to 200 percent from Medium, small and micro sector units while for units owned by SC and ST people are offered with 4 percent procurement.
  • This percent is very small as compared to the one that is offered to the PSUs. This also made it very clear that there is a need to create more awareness so that more people can in fact benefit under this scheme.
  • Earlier in 2016, October 18th the Ludhiana was declared as SC-ST hub by the PM Narendra Modi himself placing the City on the top list of economic center for development of industries in all three sectors.

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With the above mentioned implementation it is obvious that the state government aims at placing the Punjab state – Ludhiana City as ST-SC hub so that people belonging to this category of the society would get full benefit of government schemes.

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