Govt. to use Mobile App for on-the-spot Power Connections Under Saubhagya Scheme

Govt. to use Mobile App for on-the-spot Power Connections Under Saubhagya Scheme

The government has announced the introduction of a new mobile app to help ease the process of documentation and registration for electrification of the house holds. Under the scheme the government aims at covering house holds that are not having electric connection. The benefit of using the mobile app for on-spot electrification to these households will be offered under the Saubhagya Scheme.

Implementation Details

  • According to the updates the new scheme will be operational under the Saubhagya scheme (Pradhan Mantri Har Ghar Sahaj Bijli Yojana). The report for implementation of the scheme has been submitted to the electricity corporation by the NITI ayog.

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Key Features

  • Under the new scheme the government has targeted to provide electricity connections in around 4 crore residents by the year 2019 March. The government has also stated that priority will be given to the house holds that lacks electricity connection and other infrastructures.
  • The government has ensured that for better implementation and maximum efficiency from the scheme the government will offer a monitoring team via mobile application and web portal services.
  • According to the latest updates the government will target its focus on states like Rajasthan, Assam, UP, MP, Jharkhand and Bihar where maximum number of households do not have access to electricity.
  • The government under the scheme will also target around 200 districts for electrification within these selected states depending on the priority.
  • Under the new initiative the government has clearly mentioned that by the year 2018 1st may the process of electrification will have already been completed in over 1370 villages within the nation wide. With this the government ensures that each village in the country will be having access to electrification supply by the government.
  • According to past statistics the government had prepared a complete list of 18452 villages within the country that did not have any access to electricity supply. The records were taken by the officials on 2015 1st
  • According to latest updates the government has already completed electrification in over 15981 villages till date and only around 1101 villages are to be covered yet.


With the implementation of the new initiative the government of the country aims at providing uninterrupted power supply to each village within the country.

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