Police citizen portal in Goa – File FIR online

Police citizen portal in Goa – File FIR online

The state government of Goa has recently a new online portal for the citizens of the state. This portal will be a way of connecting the police system with the normal people. Now the citizens can lodge complain right from their home with the help of this portal.

Launch Details

The portal was launched on Tuesday, 19th Dec 2017. The Chief Minister of Goa, Shree Manohar Parrikar has launched the portal officially. By following the link https://www.goapolice.gov.in/ people can reach the portal and lodge complaints against any criminal or crime.

Key Features

  • Objective of the portal: Many people believe that lodging complaints or recording FIR is very tough. They are scared to visit the police station for any further enquiry. With launching this portal now people can easily file FIR online.
  • Benefits: FIR lodge and other facilities from the police department will be easy under this portal. Also there will be less or no corruption in the police system.
  • CCTNS: Crime and Crime Tracking Networking System or CCTNS is an initiative taken by the Home Ministry of the nation. Under this system crime will be monitored and immediate action will be taken. To enhance the efficiency of the police department the system has been started. This portal is a part of CCTNS.
  • Children Corner: Under this portal there will be one children corner. In this Children corner, the guardians of the children can record FIR if they see anything wrong against their children or any other kid on road.
  • Locations: There are 56 locations that have been chosen for the CCTNS operations. Higher officials including the police officers will be covered under this initiative.

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How to apply

To register complain the citizen has to visit the website https://www.goapolice.gov.in/. Select ‘Register complaint’ from the main menu bar in the home page. By clicking on it you will be redirected to the page where you will be asked to Sign in.

If you are already a member of Goa Police Department portal then signing in with your existing login and ID. If you are a new member then click on the hyperlink ‘New User’ at the bottom of the page and proceed with the registration process.

Once you have registered with the portal you can take other facilities such as children corner, reporting any crime, checking the status of your FIR and so on.


The central government of India has allocated Rs. 7.04 Cr to the state of Goa for the development in CCTNS initiative. The state government has added more Rs. 6.52 Cr for the same project as the project requires more budget than what has allocated.

The portal has been launched to ease the process of lodging compliant. Also the interaction between the citizen and police will be much easier and friendly. Also from the police officers’ end, they can monitor the progress of any Case and also can track the cases with this portal. It will be another move towards the digitization in India. This portal is already active and people can add or record their FIRs at any time through this portal.

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