Ooratchikotai Water Scheme to be linked with AMRUT in Tamil Nadu

Ooratchikotai Water Scheme to be linked with AMRUT in Tamil Nadu

The state government of Tamil Nadu has finally given the approval to the Ooratchikottai water scheme within the state of Tamil Nadu. According to the latest updates from the Independent correspondent, the new water scheme will be linked with a major scheme AMRUT (Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation) that was earlier launched by the Urban Development Union Ministry.

Launch Details

  • The latest updates states that the final dates for linking the two projects under single scheme have not yet been announced. It is also obvious that the state government has announced an allocation of the set budget to be implemented in the launching of the two schemes.
  • The entire process of launch and implementation will be undertaken by the Urban Development Ministry, Union Ministry and State government of Tamil Nadu.

Key features of the scheme

  • Once the implementation of the new scheme has been made the state government will work towards transforming other Smart Cities.
  • According to the latest updates, after the linking of the project with AMRUT project, it is estimated that the state would be able to draw over 135 liters for each capita that will be used by them for domestic purpose.
  • At present with the available sources the state government is only able to supply around 108 liters per capita for their domestic purpose which is not sufficient.
  • It is also expected that once the project has been linked with AMRUT the state government will be able to make improvements in other related projects and areas including better availability of infra structure and services including improved septage facility, better sewerage facility, much improved transportation system, fixing drain water problems and construction of better playgrounds and parks for local children and residents.
  • The state government expects that with this new scheme linked to AMRUT will open doors of success for government to help make implementations in other related areas as well.
  • For better implementation the state government has also announced a revised budget that will be implemented for next five years in various sectors for development.

Set Budget

  • According to the state government the set budget of Rs 409 crore for implementation will be revised again under the supervision after all other aspects have been worked out by the government.
  • Apart from this the state government also plans at allocating set budget to be implemented for smart city development project (Rs 48,000 crore) along with implementing in the AMRUT project (Rs 50,000 crore). So a total of around one lakh crore budgets have presently been set by the state government.

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It is also sure that once the project has been implemented then the state government will be able to place Tamil Nadu in one of the smart Cities project status.

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