MO School Campaign In Odisha

MO School Campaign Odisha

The local state government of Odisha has introduced a new scheme as a campaign termed as MO School Campaign. The new campaign has been launched in parallel to CM Medha Bruti Puraskar and Odia Bhasha Bruti Puraskar schemes. Under this campaign, the state government will make selection of top performing schools within the state. The selected schools will be awarded with prize money for their best performance in state school exams.

Launch Details

  • The campaign was officially announced and launched by the states CM Naveen Patnaik at an event organized on Children’s Day on 14th Nov 2017.
  • The campaign will officially be implemented within the state of Odisha starting from Jan 1st 2018 onwards.
  • The entire event for launch of the campaign was organized by Mass and school education department for Odisha state.

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Key features of the scheme

  • Main aim – According to government sources, the state government aims at getting each child to stay connect with their schools. This will help in keeping the childhood memories alive for many years in the near future. The state government also aims at motivating the schools in the state to perform much better and to offer students with best level of education in both primary and secondary sections.
  • Cash prize – Under this new launched campaign the state government has announced to offer with a cash reward to be given to the schools in the state who have managed to perform best. The rewards will be given to selected schools from various blocks within the state districts. A cash prize worth Rs one lakh in value will be given to each selected school under this campaign.
  • Beneficiary – The state government along with electing committee, will make a selection of top best three school from each of block that have performed best in the state school exams. The reward money shall be offered to each of the three best performing schools from the blocks.
  • Benefits for teachers – The campaign will also ensure that all selected teachers from these schools who have managed to help students score best marks in state board exams will be distributed with the reward money for their best performance. The state government aims at selecting over best performing teachers from 942 schools in different blocks. Each selected school and teaching staff is expected to get benefit from this launched scheme.
  • Active platform – With the launch of the new campaign the state government aims at creating an integrated platform for both teachers and students along with other active participating members. The platform can be used by everyone to get connected to the schools for preserving their precious childhood memories. Each participating member is also allowed to make their contributions towards the benefit of the schools.
  • Other developments – The government will make use of the contributed money by the participants for improving the condition of the school and for investing in better facilities for upgrading classrooms, library facilities, ultra modern and fully equipped science labs and other facilities. This will help upgrade the school status to national level.

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The state government has also announced to sanction a set budget of Rs. 100 crore that shall be used for smooth implementation of the scheme within the state.


For the state government of Odisha, introducing such campaigns will help in motivating all state level schools and teachers to perform much better and to deliver their best knowledge to the students.

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