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India is an agricultural country and most of the businesses in India are based on agriculture. If India has to develop then the government has to pay more attention to the Indian farmers. If Indian farmers start doing their work with new technologies, then this will not only save their time but at the same time the quality of the quantity of production will also increase. From the last few years the government has started focusing on the farmers and is bringing many latest facilities for the farmers. There is also a great digital facility for the farmers of Madhya Pradesh through which they can get Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh, Khasra Khatauni Nakal, Bhunaksha online mp land record.

Earlier, when any farmer or landlord had to give information about his land, then he used to take rounds of eating Patwari and Patwar. When the farmer did not get the information even after repeatedly visiting the Patwar Khanna, he had to pay a bribe. Because of this black marketing in Patwarkhana was also increasing day by day. To prevent this, the government has provided the facility to extract its land information and map in a digital way. Through this, the information of Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh (MP Land Record, MP Bhulekh) can be taken along with the map. Through this, information about the land of any place located in Madhya Pradesh can be given online sitting at home. (mplandrecords, mp bhulekh, bhu abhilekh, land record mp, mp land record)

 What is Madhya Pradesh  Bhulekh  (MP Bhulekh/ MP Land Records Online) ?

Whenever we do any kind of work or delete with the land, for that we need its papers and accounts. For this, we have to make rounds of eating Patwar, but for some time this work has been done online. The person who knows how to use internet can easily get his land information and map i.e. Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh and Madhya Pradesh land records. If a person does not know how to use the Internet, then he can also get the records online through the Internet with the help of E-Mitra or an expert. (mplandrecords, mp bhulekh, bhu abhilekh, land record mp, mp land record)

Those who have ever done land related work in the past and got land records remember how many rounds of Patwar Khans have to be made for these works. But after giving this online facility by the government, now the black marketing in Patwarkhana will be reduced significantly. After the land computerization of Madhya Pradesh, now we can get the account of any land in Madhya Pradesh through online MP Land Records/ MP Bhulekh, mp bhuabhilekh and MP eNaksha.

 What are the benefits of Madhya Pradesh  – Bhulekh  Benefits of MP eBhulekh Yojna   

Apart from Madhya Pradesh, this type of facility is being provided in many other states also. Through this excellent digital facility, farmers and other people can get their land records sitting at home. People will get many types of benefits from the online facility of Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh, some of these main benefits are: (mplandrecords, mp bhulekh, bhu abhilekh, land record mp, mp land record)

Time Saving: Before the introduction of this facility in Madhya Pradesh, people used to wander in Patwar Khana to get the records of their land. After receiving the records land record mp, there was also the problem of submitting them etc. In this way, a lot of time of farmers and landlords used to be wasted but after the advent of this digital online facility, it will not happen.

Control on Corruption: Many people believe that if he is a Patwari for the highest bribery post in India. The main reason for this is the high suspension of Patwaris. The patwaris used to take a lot of bribes from the common people, but now when people do not have to go to the Patwar eatery again and again, then there will be some control on bribe taking and corruption.

All records to be online: Today, till some time ago, when we needed to account for any land, we had to go to Patwar Khanna for it. But now we will get all kinds of accounting and paper information from beginning to present of any role located in Madhya Pradesh bhu abhilekh online.

Land information through account number: The most important thing about this digital facility is that we will be able to get the details of land easily through our account number or Khasra number in this. That is, now the dilemma of wandering from here to there is over.

 How to get Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh  online  MP Bhulekh Online Khasra Khatauni 

To get the land records of Madhya Pradesh mp bhulekh you have to connect with Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh facility and registration is required for this. Registering is quite easy and you can do it in a matter of minutes.  You need to follow some simple steps to easily register for Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh  Yojana :

> First of all you have to go to the official website of Madhya Pradesh’s Online Bhoomi Lekh Yojana,

> After the website is opened, show you some options from which you select the option of ‘Free Service Free Service’ and proceed.

> In the next page you will see different types of options. From this the first option will be ‘Khasra / B-1 / Map copy’. Click on it.

> After this you will see 2 options which will be ‘Bhooswami’ and ‘Khasra Number’. Choose one of these. If you are the owner of the land, then choose the land owner, otherwise choose the Khasra number and proceed.

> After that fill the information asked from you correctly and clear the Captcha Code. (Captcha Code is required to be filled correctly)

> After that click on the option of ‘view details’.

Now the records related to your land will come in front of you. These will be presented in front of you in a PDF file so that you can save it on your computer or phone. PDF file is not supported in many smart phones, so for that you can download Google Docs or MS Word app from Play Store.

 How to get Madhya Pradesh Bhunaksha  MP Bhunaksha Online  

To get the map of Madhya Pradesh mplandrecords online, you have to follow some simple steps.

> First of all go to the link given below

> After this select the name of your district, tehsil and village.

> After this you will be asked the plot number. Enter the number of the land you want to map.

> After entering the number you will get the map. Along with the map, you will also get many other types of information related to the land. If you want, you can take its printout.

 How to get Madhya Pradesh Khasra  Khatauni  Nakal  ?  

It is very easy to get Khasra Khatauni of any land located in Madhya Pradesh mplandrecords. For this you can follow some simple steps mentioned below:

> First of all go to its official website

> After this a map of the state will be given. From this, click on the district whose land you want information about.

Then click on the name of the concerned Tehsil. (So ​​select your Tehsil)

> After this, select the name of the land in the living village or area.

> After this, information will be sought from the job, by filling them, you will be able to get the information of Khasra and Khatauni of your land.

In today’s article, we talked about ‘Madhya Pradesh Bhulekh, Khasra Khatauni Nakal, Bhu Naksha Online (MP Bhulekh Land Records, Map Online in Hindi). If you still have any confusion related to this topic, then you can tell us through comment. To keep getting more such information, Lear connected with us.

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