Kerala Trauma Care Scheme

Kerala Trauma Care Scheme

The Kerala government has launched a new scheme called the Trauma Care scheme which will aid the accident victims within the first 48 hours. Under this Yojana, the medical expenses for treatment in the first 48 hours shall be borne by the state. However, some of the details of the scheme are still under wraps. The same shall be revealed after the government holds a meeting with insurance companies.

Launch details

This scheme has only been announced. However, it will soon be launched when more details about the scheme will surface. A high–level meeting was held by the Chief Minister last Thursday, during which the government accepted the formulation of this scheme.

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Features of the scheme

  • Free first 48 hours: The government of Kerala will provide financial assistance for whatever treatment the accident victim requires in the first 48 hours.
  • Compulsory Hospital admittance: As per this scheme, no hospital can deny the patient admittance for emergency care within the first 48 hours. The treatment should come first and the payment details checked after that.
  • Government remittance: In case the patient is admitted to a private hospital, the government shall bear the cost of the emergency care. The Road Safety Fund will be utilized.
  • Call center for emergency support: The government is in the process to build up a call-center facility so that the accident victims can call for emergency support at any time.
  • Software in development: There is also a proposal for a separate software or app development for selecting the nearest hospital and calling the nearest ambulance available.

Special ambulance details

The ambulances will be such that people will be able to get the care that they need till they reach the hospital in those. They will be specially made to focus on the needs of the accident victims. The necessary emergency care and life support systems for those who have met road accidents are different and might not be found in the regular ambulances. However, these ambulances will be specially made for those situations.

Training under this scheme

The people, or the health care workers, who will be present inside the ambulance, shall be given special training. They will interact with the accident victims. So they will be taught the proper method to load and unload the person’s body, so as to not cause further damage to their systems. They will also be educated on the proper methods of care until the victims reach the hospital.

Special training is required in CPR, chest pumps, and more, which must be learnt under expert guidance only. These health care workers will receive the same guidance from the officials appointed by the state government.


This scheme is for all the residents of the state, irrespective of their income classification. However, more details about the eligibility are yet to surface. For now, we know that this scheme is all inclusive for the Kerala residents.

There was a huge need for this scheme as reports suggested that from January to August 2017, there were 25,511 road accidents and nearly 2666 casualties. There was no proper infrastructure put in place that could aid the accident victims at the right time.

Through this scheme the government has addressed a very pressing issue of road safety and health measures. The first 48 hours are the most crucial in road accident cases and proper care and treatment during this time can save the lives of patients or kill them. This scheme is very relevant.

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