Kerala She Pad Scheme Free Sanitary Napkins

Kerala She Pad Scheme Free Sanitary Napkins

The ‘She Pad’ scheme launched in the state of Kerala is a free sanitary napkin scheme. As per this scheme, girl children from the downtrodden sections will receive free sanitary napkins and other benefits.

Reason Behind the scheme

This main aim of this scheme is to raise awareness about menstrual hygiene. To break societal taboos and to help girls feel confident this scheme has been implemented.

Launch details

This scheme was launched by the Chief Minister, Mr. Pinarayi Vijayan on 8th November 2017. This scheme will be supervised by the Kerala Women Development Corporation. Also the panchayats will help with the funding process. This is the first time such a scheme is being implemented in India.

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Key features

  • Free napkins: Free sanitary napkins will be provided to the girls in their schools. They will also get education on how to use them properly.
  • Government schools targeted: This scheme will be implemented in about 300 government schools set up across 114 panchayats in its first phase of implementation.
  • Napkin storage disposal: Along with napkin usage, proper disposal of napkins is also essential to hygiene. Hence the government will provide free napkin storage and disposal space in schools.
  • 2018 December: By the end of next year, that is, 2018, all the government schools will get the benefits of this scheme, according to the state officials.
  • Positive results: This scheme was put in place, right after such an arrangement showed positive results in the government schools in the last 2 years.
  • Kerala already hygienic: According to reports of the National Family Health Survey 2015-16, nine out of ten girls and women in Kerala already use personal hygiene care products. This scheme will push the last leg of the populace to embrace this method.
  • Awareness camps: This scheme will not just educate the girls but also the boys. It will hold awareness camps around the schools to educate the boys about menstruation and look at it positively and to have a healthy mindset about it.
  • Beneficiaries: As a result of this scheme, thousands of girl children around the state shall get the benefit of this scheme and they can learn about the uses of sanitary napkins properly.
  • Break the taboo: This scheme also aims to break the taboo around menstruation. It will educate both girl children and boys about menstruation to help normalize it.

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The fund for this scheme is around Rs. 30 crore for the pilot year. This amount shall be contributed collectively by the local panchayats as well as the Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation. It may expand if needed, in the coming years.

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