Job scheme for sickle cell anemia patients in Kerala

Job scheme for sickle cell anemia patients in Kerala

The state government of Thiruvananthapuram has introduced a new job scheme for the people suffering from sickle-cell anemia. Under the scheme the government will provide with self employment opportunities for patients or their relatives in the form of financial assistance.

Name : Job Scheme for Sickle Cell Anemia Patients in Kerala
Launched : State government within different districts of the state
Regulated By : KSBCDC (Kerala state backward class Development Corporation)

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Features of the scheme

  • Under he scheme, the government plans to offer a financial assistance of Rs 1 crore so the beneficiaries can use the amount to establish themselves and set up their small scale business.
  • The state government will also prepare a list of over 100 beneficiaries and provide with financial assistance of Rs 1 lakh each.
  • Beneficiaries can make use of this money to set up small scale business including cool bars, stationary stores, poultry and cattle farms, DTP centers, handicraft outlets, transportation services and small restaurants within Wayanad region.
  • KSBCDC will help the state government for making the selection of the beneficiaries under the scheme from various districts in the state.
  • Officially the state government has also approved the sanction of the funds for implementation of the scheme to the beneficiaries.
  • The scheme aims at offering youth within the state to be self employed to help support their family livelihood.
  • Using the financial assistance offered by the government the youth or his family can get a chance to earn their livelihood independently to help support their family.
  • Under the scheme patients suffering from sickle-cell and belonging to other areas who have not yet been provided with benefit of any such earlier schemes will also be able to get full benefit after registration.

Eligibility criteria under the scheme

  • The scheme is only aimed to offer benefit to patients suffering from sickle-cell anemia. It is important for any patients who wants to get registered for full benefit will have to provide with their attested medical certificate by a senior doctor.
  • In order to take full benefit under the scheme the patient must not have an annual income exceeding Rs 2 lakh annually from all other sources. They have to submit a proof of their household income.
  • According to the state government the scheme is launched only to benefit people belonging to the OBC (backward class) category of the society. They will have to provide with valid OBC list approved by the state government.
  • OBC category patients belonging to other parts of the state suffering from this condition will also be able to get benefit under the scheme.
  • According to the sources that patient who wants to get registered under this scheme should not exceed 50 years of age. The scheme is also open for children suffering from this condition.

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By implementing this scheme in the state the government aims at offering with helping hand to deserving patients so they can be independent to earn. The financial assistance will be offered to them just in two easy installments by KSBCDC.

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