Health wellness centers in Punjab – Health care facilities at doorstep

Health wellness centers in Punjab – Health care facilities at doorstep

The state government of Punjab has announced to implement the health wellness centers across the state. With this initiative the state will also be one of the first states in the country to offer people with health care facilities right at their door step. Under the new initiative the state government will also establish 2950 wellness centers within the state.

Implementation Details

The new initiative for implementation was announced officially by the Health Minister of the state Brahm Mohindra.

Key Features

  • The Minister said that the state government will implement the entire project in different phases to cover the entire state. In the initial stage the government will aim and cover around 240 centers.
  • The state government has also selected Pathankot, Fazilka and Patiala districts for the first stage of set up. The state government will ensure that IGNOU would provide with special trained nurses who will be offered with 6 months training by health officers.
  • The wellness center would also be supervised by a health medial officer from the health center. The visits will be made at least twice a week.
  • The state government will also try and provide with center with OPD facilities by investing over Rs 17 lakh for running each center.
  • The state government has also announced that for better implementation the government will set up medical college and hospital within each state.
  • The government will also provide with advanced life saving facilities and 50 additional ambulance services in the centers. Each ambulance will already be equipped with best life saving equipments and facilities.
  • The state government will also hire services of as many as 242 ambulances in the centers that will be linked to the 108 emergency services. The service of the ambulance will be available for the people within 20 minutes from the time of dialing for services.

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The state government of Punjab by implementing above services and initiatives has taken a step forward to help provide better medical facilities for the people of the state.

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