Haryana Domestic Electric Connection Scheme

Haryana Domestic Electric Connection Scheme

Providing continuous power connection to all rural households is a scheme that has been alluring the state government for a long time. Though various programs have been introduced by state authorities, but they have not been able to reach remote areas as of now. With the implementation of Haryana Domestic Electric Connection Scheme, it will be easy for state authority to provide power connection to rural folks at low rates.

Launch details of the scheme

This program has been launched by Haryana state government in November 2017. The Chief Minister of this state, Manohar Lal Khattar has already announced that the present government will soon publish the official notification and a site will also be launched so that people can get details of this program. The Haryana Power Department will look after the monitoring of this program.

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Details of the Haryana Domestic Electric Connection Scheme,

  1. Reaching out to rural areas – It has been highlighted in the scheme that state authority will take necessary measures to reach out to even the remotest parts of this area so that all households can be brought under this welfare power scheme.
  2. Providing new power connection – Under this arrangement, people who did not have access to electricity will be able to apply and get new power connection.
  3. 24X7 power in villages – Though many villages have been brought under this official arrangement, they have to suffer from power interruptions. Under this scheme, state authority is trying to provide all houses with not just power connection but uninterrupted power supply.
  4. Low cost of getting the connection – The normal cost of taking a new connection is outside the budget of many poor rural folks. Thus, the state government has cut down the initial cost by a significant margin so that all can apply.
  5. Paying in portions – Another feature of this government arrangement is that once the applicant has received the power connection, they can make the payment of remaining balance in several portions.
  6. Lowering power department losses – Earlier, the state authority was incurring losses due to inadequate power production and distribution. With this scheme, the state will be able to make a profit by providing connection to individuals at low cost. As of now, the loss margin has lowered by a whopping 25%.
  7. Continuous connection in four areas – As of now, the state government has been successful in providing continuous power supply in all households in four districts. They are Panchkula, Faridabad Ambala, and Gurugram.

Installment details of the scheme

As the initial cost of acquiring an electric connection ranges between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 4000, many backed up while applying for new power link. But the state electricity board will not charge so much. To make matters easy for people belonging to weaker economic sections, state power department will only take Rs. 200 from the applicant during registration. The remaining balance can be paid in equal portions, on monthly basis. The applicants may pay installments of Rs. 100 or Rs. 200, as per their convenience.

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With the implementation of this scheme, poor and needy people, especially living in villages will get the chance of applying and acquiring power connection to light up their homes and their lives as well.

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