Har Ghar Ton Ikk Captain Registration Scheme | Berojgari Bhatta Yojana In Punjab

Har Ghar Ton Ikk Captain Registration Scheme | Berojgari Bhatta Yojana In Punjab

Unemployment is one of the main barriers in the path of the country’s development. To tackle the situation, the Congress leader in Punjab promised the people of the state a unique scheme that attracted the attention of one and all. The name of the scheme is “Har Ghar ton Ikk Yojana.” Under this scheme, the Congress leader, and the present Chief Minister, Captain Amrinder Singh has promised that the state government will alot one member of every family with a job. If successful, the program will assist in removing the black shadow of unemployment from the state.

Har Ghar Ton Ikk Yojana

Punjab is now under the rule of Congress, under its leader Captain Amrinder Singh. Before the elections, the party published their campaign manifesto. In this manifesto, they had highlighted many reforms and schemes, which when implemented, will be able to develop the overall situation of the state.

Among these schemes, one, in particular, will assist the youth in getting rid of the curse of unemployment. The “Har Ghar ton Ikk Yojana” will provide the youngsters with a job. This placement will be guaranteed by the state government. The scheme was launched under the watchful eyes of the Congress leader. The unemployed youths will also receive a monthly allowance till they get employed.

According to the reports, more than 7 lakh candidates have already filled the application for receiving the jobs. The slogan fits the claims of the scheme perfectly. The CM made the promise by saying “Har Ghar to Ikk Naukri Pakki.” The literal translation of the phrase is one eligible person from every household will be given a guaranteed job.

Aim of the Yojana

The main aim of the scheme is to eradicate unemployment from the state. Once this issue is handled, the associated problems will also vanish. With proper jobs, the state will attain economic stability and development in the state will be attained. With jobs in their pocket, the younger generation of the state will not be lured towards doing drugs and consuming alcohol.

Eligibility for the Yojana

After knowing about the benefits of the scheme, one must take a look at the eligibility criteria for registering under the scheme. The following points will sum it up:

  1. For registering under the scheme, the individual must have a certain academic qualification. The minimum educational qualification, set by the state government, is matriculation. The candidate must have appeared and passed the 10th standard.
  2. People of all ages have not been deemed fit for registration under the program. The individual must fall in the age bracket of 18 years to 35 years. Anyone above or below the specified ages will not be allowed to take part in the program.
  3. Under the plan, only one member of each family, fulfilling all the required criteria will be allowed to register for acquiring the benefits. This will ensure that a maximum number of eligible candidates get a job.

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Registration Process under this Yojana/ Scheme

For the convenience of applicants, the government has made the registration process online. The following steps must be followed for properly submitting the application:

  1. The candidate must have the minimum knowledge about operating the internet. Once the log in, they will have to click on the official link of the scheme. The link is hargharcaptain.com. Once they do this, the web page will automatically open up.
  2. As the “Home Page” opens, the candidate will have to fill in the separate tabs with the correct details. It is important to feed in only the correct information in the application form. Errors in the form might result in its cancellation.
  3. Once the application form has been filled, it is time to click on the submit option. After submitting the form, the software will generate an OTP. The code will be directly sent to the candidate’s cell phone via SMS.
  4. There is a specific area in the page where the OTP must be fed. After the candidate has done this, he/she will get the ‘Berozgari Bhatta Card.’ This pass will be displayed on the computer screen.
  5. Once this pass has been generated, the candidate needs to download it. They can keep it saved on an external storage unit or get a copy of the pass printed out for safe keeping. Once the implementation of the plan starts, this pass must be produced.

Implementation of the Yojana

The “Har Ghar ton Ikk Yojana” was the highlight of the Congress election manifesto. The people were promised that if the Congress party comes to power, this program will be implemented with immediate effect. If the plan proves to be successful in this state, the design might be helpful in irradiating unemployment from the other states as well.

Along with this scheme, the government is also providing a unique ID to all the unemployed individuals who register under the scheme. With the help of the Berojgari Bhatta Pass, the government will be able to keep track of these applicants. If and when the Congress government comes to the throne, these candidates will begin to get the redundancy grant. According to the announcement, this will be implemented within a time of 100 days of the new government.

Benefits of the Yojana

There are no extra points for guessing that the people of the state of Punjab will be duly benefited, once this scheme is implemented. The following are some of the advantages of this project:

  1. As the name goes, the scheme will assist the youth of the state in bagging a job that will assist them in improving the standards of life. They will get economic stability and will be able to earn their livelihood.
  2. The government has also promised that till the person receives the letter of employment, the selected candidates will receive a stipend of Rs. 2500 on a monthly basis. This has been termed as the unemployment grant. The grant will be given to the selected candidates for a maximum of 36 months only.

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Budget for the Yojana

According to the preliminary reports, the state government has announced that a whopping sum of 10000/- crores will be allocated for the implementation of the scheme. The sum of money will be utilized for the creating job opportunities for the youth and also for paying the unemployment allowance.

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