Goa Tribal Employment Generation Program Scheme

Goa Tribal Employment Generation Program Scheme

To enhance the standard of living of the tribal’s community in the state of Goa, a new scheme has been launched by the Goa state government. Goa Tribal’s Employment Generation Program will be soon implemented in the state for providing skill development training to the people belonging to the Tribal community.

Launched Date

 The scheme was launched by the Directorate of Industries, Trade and Commerce on 21st December 2017 in Goa. As per the direction of the Central Planning Commission, the scheme has launched in the state of Goa.

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Key Features

  • Objective: The main objective behind launching this scheme is to enhance the life of the tribal community. Alongside they will be able to self established by starting their own business with knowledge and skill.
  • Subsidy under this scheme: Under this scheme the applicants who are engaged in Small and Micro enterprises will get up to 40% subsidies. Also businesses like Trade and service enterprises will also get this benefit under the scheme.
  • Training: Along with subsidies this scheme will also provide skill development training to the applicants. These trainings will help them to gather more knowledge on specific fields. Also they will be able to start their own business for survival.
  • Beneficiaries: This scheme is for the scheduled tribes across the state. According to the reports a number of 1, 80,000 people belonging to Scheduled Tribe category will get benefitted from the scheme.
  • Communities: Tribal groups from remote areas will be considered for this scheme. Urban, semi-urban and rural areas will also be considered. However the area of concentration will be Velip, Gauda and Kunbi communities.


  • For Training: People who are school drop outs, male and female who are not working or unemployed and belong to economically weaker class, will be eligible to get the skill development and knowledge oriented training under the scheme.
  • For Subsidy: Subsidy will be given to the small and micro manufacturing agency, trade and service agency. As mentioned up to 40% subsidy will be given to their business under this scheme.

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This scheme will be a milestone for the Tribal Community. They will not only be able to start their own business but also they will be able to face the competitive industrial world with the training they will get. People who live in remote areas, rural areas, semi-urban and urban areas will be able to take the scheme. As of now not many news have come out regarding the scheme such as budget, implementation, and registration/application for the scheme and so on. As soon as they will be out, the article will be updated with more information.

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