Free Treatment Scheme for Road Accident Victims in Delhi

Free Treatment Scheme for Road Accident Victims in Delhi

The Free Treatment Scheme will help the accident victims in Delhi. The government had earlier laid out a proposal. Since the proposal has been accepted the full scheme shall be implemented now. The government will bear the full cost of treatment for these accident victims. Not only the road accident victims but the  fire and acid attack victims shall get the same aid.

Launch details

On Dec 12th, 2017, the proposal has been accepted. However it has not been officially launched yet.  The officials reported that it shall soon be launched along with the ‘Good Samaritan Policy’. The Delhi residents can expect the launch to go down in 2018. However, the final date is yet to be decided.

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Key features

  • Hospitals under watch: Under this scheme, all the government and private hospitals of the state will have to provide free treatment to the specified victims.
  • Residents: This scheme will help those who have met with an accident in the roads of Delhi – irrespective of whether they are or are not from the region.
  • Reward for helpers: As per the Good Samaritan Policy those who help the victims at their time of need shall also be rewarded by the government.

Good Samaritan Policy Details

If you help someone who has met with an accident in the middle of the road and you take them to the nearby hospital, then the government will reward you as per the Good Samaritan policy. This policy will encourage people to help the patients.  At the same time it will also give them a monetary incentive for doing so. Those who do this shall also get an appreciation certificate with it.

They will get Rs. 2000 as a reward for the same. The idea for this scheme mooted when a victim bled to death near West Delhi. This is why the government proposed this in August 2016.

This scheme will also teach the auto-rickshaw drivers to provide basic life support training to road accident patients so that they can contribute at the time of need.

Need of the scheme

There was a need for this scheme because many a times people do not take victims to the hospitals. Even if they do, there is a restriction from the part of the medical officers as they believe treating the patients involve them in legal matters.

So when the patient is deprived of proper care during the “Golden hour” they eventually lose their life – which could have been easily prevented, had someone helped the persons.

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Nearly 1600 people die every year in the state. This is why the government has taken this step. It will also help the acid attack victims and the fire incident victims in the same way.

The proper implementation of this scheme will bring about a change – not only in death toll but also in the society as a whole. The Good Samaritan Policy along with free treatment scheme is indeed a need of the hour.

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