Free Tablet Scheme Uttarakhand For Meritorious Girls

Free Tablet scheme Uttarakhand for Meritorious Girls Students

The state government of Uttarakhand has announced that it shall be distributing frèe tablet PC for girl students within the state. Under the new scheme the state government would take an initiative of distributing the free tablet PC to the girl students who have managed to score first class marks in the state school exams.

Launch details

  • The distribution of Free tablet PCs will be organized by the state government on the 24th January 2018. The distribution will be held at the event organized on National Girls Day as was informed by Rekha Arya (Child Development and women Empowerment Minister for the state of Uttarakhand.

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Beneficiaries/ Eligibility Rules

  • According to the details provided by the state government the scheme is only valid for the girls of the state. To be eligible under the scheme it is obvious that beneficiary needs to be a student in school.
  • The statements have also revealed that the beneficiary has to be an outstanding student so the scheme will benefit only students who have secured over 80 percent marks in the past exams.

Key Features

  • Under the new scheme the state government will ensure that they distribute over 3000 Tablet PCs to the school girls. The distribution shall be done on the basis of the list prepared by the state government.
  • With the implementation of the new scheme the state government aims at motivating and encouraging more number of students and girl students to perform much better in their exams.
  • As the students will be provided with tablet PCs so it is obvious that the students can make use of it for their studies. This will encourage more number of girl students within the state to get digitalized for their education.
  • As the scheme will only be offered to the meritorious students so more number of girls will try and aim to get above 80 percent marks in their exams for the coming years.

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With the implementation of such schemes the state government is encouraging the students to make use of e-learning techniques. It will also help in empowering more number of girl students within the state.

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