Free Smart Phones Scheme For Anganwadi Workers In Uttar Pradesh

Free Smart Phones Scheme For Anganwadi Workers In Uttar Pradesh

With an aim to monitor and implement nutritional schemes within the state, the government in Uttar Pradesh has announced to distribute each Aanganwadi workers with latest smart phones. The state government aims that with the distribution of the smart phones the task of implementing schemes for expecting mothers and children will be more simplified.

Implementation details

  • According to the statements made by the DPO (District Program Officer) Rajendra Kumar, the state government has not yet officially declared any official date for implementation.
  • He also added that in the meetings by senior officials such statements for implementations were made forward by the senior officials and the scheme still needs approval at the higher level.

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Key Features of smart phone services

  • One main benefit of suing smart phones is that the authorities will be able to keep a track of all records in the real time. Apart from this the smart phones will also prove helpful for the authorities to help keep a track of all funds.
  • The state government will also ensure that each of the smart phone distributed will also be uploaded by CAS (Common Application Software). The state government has also made it very clear that the government will implement the scheme in first stage within 40 districts.
  • The selection will be made on the basis of the districts that are worst affected by Malnutrition problems.  The government has also made it very clear that the authorities have already purchased over 54000 smart phones for distribution in these districts.
  • With the implementation the state government will be able to maintain complete record of any aanganwadi worker who is not present on the job or misusing the funds for other purpose.
  • The Aanganwadi worker will be able to upload complete details of a child on the CAS including the weight and other details. This will completely eliminate the need to maintain physical register and record of the child. The entire record will be monitored and stored on the central server that can be shared by the senior officials and central government officials.
  • All record related to child care, pregnant women care, immunization records, health records and other details can be maintained in the digital format on the server directly.
  • This will also ensure that the data that is uploaded by the Aanganwadi workers will be able to reach the center and head office within real time as it will be done via internet connection on the smart phones. This will speed up the process of work.

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With the implementation of the above mentioned real time monitoring system using the smart phone technique the state government can expect to identify lapses happening at the instant stage. This will also force the authorities to take instant actions.

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