Free Power or Electricity Connection For BPL In UP

Free Power or Electricity Connection For BPL In UP

Under the new BJP rule in the state of Uttar Pradesh, CM Yogi Ji has been striving for the launch and implementation of several schemes. All these have been targeted towards the betterment of the people from all sections of the society. One such scheme is the Free Power or Electricity Connection Yojana.

Implementation Date

According to the official announcements, the work on the implementation of the program will start from the month of May, 2017. It will provide the poor people with the boon of free electric connections. The scheme also has something for the people falling in the APL to be excited about.

Important Point for Free Power or Electricity Connection

The launch of the scheme has been done for providing the common people, especially those belonging to the poor classes with the comfort of electricity. The following are the key features of the Yojana:

  1. Under the guidelines of the scheme, the government has decided to provide the people, falling in the BPL category will free connection of electricity. The cost of providing the connection will be borne by the state government.
  2. The scheme has also kept some advantages for the people who do not fall in the BPL list. For the families belonging to the APL list, the government will allow easy EMI facility for the full payment of the bill.
  3. For the better operation of the scheme, the government has decided that the separation of the feeders will be done. Along with this, all the homes will be fitted with the smart meters for getting the appropriate readings.
  4. Under the program, it has also been decided that the electricity department will not be charging the consumers any interest rate for the late payment of the electricity bills. This will relieve the consumers from the pressure.
  5. Only providing power connections are not enough. As per the guidelines of the program, the government will work towards replacing the old farm pumps with the modern ones, as they operate on less energy.
  6. For ensuring less consumption of electricity, all the lamps, installed on the side of the streets, in municipality areas, will be promptly fitted with only LED bulbs. The government department will also distribute 10 crore LED bulbs, free of cost.
  7. Apart from this, the government department has also decided that they will be distributing such lights and fans, which will not consume too much energy. Maintaining the stock for providing these electrical accessories is important for meeting the demands at low price.
  8. Last but not the least; the government will take necessary steps for information the common people about the proper usage of the electricity. They will be taught about the ways in which wastage of electricity will be minimized.

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Eligibility For Free Power or Electricity Connection

According to the rules of the Free Power Connection Yojana, the government has announced that free connection of electricity will only be provided to those homes, which fall in the poor category. Thus, only those people, who belong to the BPL category, will be able to apply for receiving the free electricity connection in their houses. Thus, possession of the BPL certificate is a must.

Required Documents for applying

The program, launched by the Uttar Pradesh, providing easy connection of electricity will provide advantageous to all. The government will not make any discrimination on the basis of the religion or cast. The selection will be made on the basis of the total income that the household acquired. The following are the documents, which will have to be furnished by the interested candidates:

  1. The first document that the candidate will have to produce is the Voter ID card. The card will assist the government departments in verifying the name and the residential details of the applicant.
  2. The interested candidate will also have to furnish the documents, associated with the earlier electric connection. A photocopy of the earlier electricity bill must be attached with the application form.
  3. If the candidate is opting for the free connection, as highlighted under the guidelines of the program, he/she will have to attach a photocopy of the Below Poverty Line certificate. Without this certificate, the person will not be able to opt for the free of cost power connection.
  4. As the status of the household and the facilities they will receive is subjected to the income they bring in on a yearly basis, it is mandatory for the interested candidate to attach an official copy of the income certificate.

Facility for APL

The government has not only thought about the betterment of the families living under the poverty line. The scheme has been designed in such a way that the families, which occur above the poverty line, will also be benefited from the program. The wealthy families and the families, which fall in the medium income group, will have to be registered for getting the power connections. As many people find it difficult to pay the entire electricity consumption amount at a single go, the government has allowed some reprieve for the commoners. The families will be able to pay the entire electricity bill in small parts. The EMI facility for paying the power bill has been welcomed by all. For getting the benefits highlighted for the APL households, they will have to support the claims with proper documents.

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With the implementation of this ambitious project, the Chief Minister of the state of Uttar Pradesh will be able to provide all people with the comfortable living. By providing the common people of the state with the facility of electricity, the CM has lived up to the promises, which were made by the party, during the election campaign. The task will require a great deal of plotting and funding. The state and the central government will aid the entire scheme for the betterment of the common people.

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