Free Lifetime Cancer Treatment Scheme In Kerala

Free Lifetime Cancer Treatment Scheme in Kerala

Cancer is one such disease that is not only scary but also extremely expensive. Not everyone can afford the cost of treatment for cancer. The Kerala state government, looking at the scenario, will soon start a new scheme in the state. Under this new medical scheme the treatment for cancer will be free for the patient for life long. The scheme hasn’t been launched officially however the announcement has been made by the authority.

Launch Details

As mentioned the scheme has not been launched officially. In the month of November 2017, the Cochin Cancer Research Centre has planned to launch the scheme for the people suffering from Cancer in the state.

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Key Features of the Scheme

  • Coverage for the family: People whoever is interested to take the scheme need to deposit a specific amount to enjoy the benefit. The family will be covered under the scheme once the registration will be done for lifetime.
  • Free of cost treatment: One of the family members who will be registered under the scheme will get free treatment for cancer for lifetime.
  • Packages: There will multiple packages under this scheme. Depending on the package the applicant is choosing the benefits will be given. As for example, choosing a package worth of Rs. 20, 000/- will provide treatment up to a certain amount for example few Lac. If the patient chooses higher priced packages then he / she will get benefit / treatment of higher amount.
  • Insurance Companies: The Cochin Cancer Research Centre, Kerala has already finished negotiation with several insurance companies that will be associated with the scheme. Soon the names for the companies will be out.
  • Budget: As the scheme hasn’t launched yet officially there is no news of budget allocation has come. State government of Kerala will supervise and sponsor the scheme.

Eligibility Rules

  1. People who belong to APL category or Above Poverty Line will be eligible for the scheme. There are several schemes in Kerala under which people belonging to BPL (Below Poverty Line) are enjoying benefit of free treatment. Under diverse schemes in the state people under BPL category can enjoy medical benefit up to Rs. 8 Lac.
  2. Similar sort of benefits are available for the children up to age 12 years. There are a number of schemes that are available in the state under which the children will get free medical treatment for cancer. This is why this new scheme will be launched to provide benefits to the people belonging to BPL category. As of now no other eligibility criteria have been mentioned by the authority such as income limit, cancer types or surgical cases and so on.

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Free cancer treatment is a must need for the people who belong to financially weaker section as the disease needs heavy medication, surgical process, pile of tests and examination and frequent visit to the hospitals. This new scheme will be helpful for many needy people who are suffering from this disease. As the scheme is yet to be launched, the application process and other related information hasn’t been announced.

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