E-Pragati Web Portal in Andhra Pradesh

E-Pragati Web Portal in Andhra Pradesh get all the information about the government services

The Andhra Pradesh state government has launched a new e-platform for the citizens of the state. Under this digital platform common people will get help for the services available. The digital platform namely e-Pragati will soon be live for the citizens of the state.

Launch Details

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu has launched the portal on 18th Jan 2018, Thursday in the state. The ministry has said this will be a common platform for the people to get all the information about the government services and so on.

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Key Features

  • The portal: e-Pragati is the portal which will be a core platform for the citizen of the state. Under this portal the citizens will be able to get details of the services by the government. Alongside they can also discuss the shortcomings of the government.
  • Monitoring services: For the government this portal will be a solution where they can monitor the implementation of the scheme. Also for the citizens, it will be helpful to know the progress of the services.
  • Review GSDP: According to the CM, the portal will be a transparent way to review Gross State Domestic Product. That means the state authority can track the records of each and every sector through this portal much clearly than before.
  • Growth Rates: According to the reports, all the sectors, especially the agricultural sector has been seen significant growth in last quarter. More than 25% growth has been recorded for the agricultural sector. With this portal it will be much easier to focus on other areas that are needed to be rectified for development.
  • Use of the portal: The portal aims at providing a base where people can suggest their opinion on various development matters. It will be a place where ideas and other important factors can be raised by the common people. It will be beneficial for all the sectors and people across the state.

Naidu has stated that along with agricultural sector, industry and service sectors too need to be developed alongside. There are many parts of the economy where focus should be given. This portal will be a way of exchanging better ideas to develop each and every sector and services in the state. This will be one transparent portal through which governments will be able to identify their loopholes. On the other citizens can actively take part in government decisions, as they can now state their feedback on this digital platform.

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