Delhi Jal Board increase the price per liter above 20,000 liters by 20%

Delhi Jal Board increase the price per liter above 20,000 liters by 20%

The Delhi Jal Board is all set to hike the tariff of water by 20 per cent. This means that they will have some subtle changes in the tariff. But will it change the consumption per liter too? Let us have a look at that.

Launch of this effect

This effect will get launched soon from 1st Feb 2018 onwards. Recently in a meeting held with the Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, this new rule came into effect. The proposal was put forth by the Delhi Jal Board.

Things to note

  • Tariff hike: The tariff hike here only means that the consumption will increase over anything that you consume over 20,000 liters. So whatever your consumption over 20,000 liters, will be charged by 20% per liter.
  • Expectations of public: This price hike did not come as a surprise because the Aam Aadmi Party had already promised the people that they are going to increase the price per liter above 20,000 liters.
  • Need for this new rule: As per the Delhi Jal Board it was essential to put this cap since there has currently been a loss of Rs. 516 crore on the consumption of water.
  • Previous scenario leading to this: This isn’t the first time when such a decision has been taken. Earlier the DJB had sent out a notice to the government departments who failed to pay Rs. 3220.12 crore as bills.
  • No change in household consumption: The important thing to note is that as of now there is no change in the consumption up to 20,000 liters.

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Tariff hike details

Before the hike, water consumption was free up to the limit (20,000 cc) and it remains the same. However, per liter above it the price rises. So for example, if you use 23,000 cc of water then before the hike your payment would have been Rs. 286.89 and after the hike the rate will slightly increase to Rs. 315.05 – incurring a Rs. 28.16 increase.

Similarly, for those who are consuming 25,000 liters of water, the charges will increase by Rs. 49.24. So earlier you had to pay Rs. 465.55 and now your charges will be Rs. 514.79. All of this is likely to come into effect from the first quarter of 2018 itself.

Also, according to the new rules, if you are consuming 20,000 cc only, you will have to pay the bill for the entire volume of your consumption.

This step is taken forward by the state because there is a shortage in the funds. But it will also help the state become more environmentally conscious and ensure water is saved in the process.

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