Deen Dayal Divyangajan Sahajya Scheme in Assam – Especially for Disabled Peoples

Deen Dayal Divyangajan Sahajya Scheme in Assam – Especially for Disabled Peoples

Physically handicapped people are very common in each nation. In India the percentage of such people is rather high. Some are handicap since birth while others have been rendered invalid due to some accident. But it cannot be denied that these candidates face many issues in their daily lives. For providing adequate opportunities for disabled candidates, to acquire proper treatment, without worrying about expenses, the state government has implemented a new grant program. The name of this welfare scheme is Deen Dayal Divyangajan Sahajya Scheme.

Launch details of the scheme

This new welfare program was announced by the Vice President of India. On the 3rd of Dec 2017, M Venkaiah Naidu made the official declaration of this scheme in Assam. The chief Minister of Assam, Sarbananda Sonowal was also present on that occasion. This announcement was made during the celebration of International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The application, procedures, and monitoring activities are the responsibility of respective Assam government.

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Key features of the scheme

  1. Empowerment of physically challenged individuals – The poor and needy people of Assam do not have enough money to provide the basic necessities. Thus, spending money on the treatment of disabled candidates seems farfetched. The implementation of this program will be done for empowering such handicapped individuals.
  2. For people of Assam only – Only handicap people, living within the limits of Assam will be allowed to enroll for this welfare scheme.
  3. Funded by the state – The cost of implementing this scheme and making payments to beneficiaries will be arranged by the state authority.
  4. Number of beneficiaries to be catered to – As per the draft of this scheme, the state government will try to reach out to as many disabled candidates as possible. For the time being, they have a target of making payments to 4.5 lakh selected candidates.
  5. Single monetary grant – Under this program, each selected handicap candidate will be offered an economic grant of Rs. 5000. This grant will be given once only.
  6. Meeting the expense of treatment – The cash amount that each selected candidate will receive from the government must be spent towards acquiring medical facilities. These treatments will make their condition better.
  7. Providing openings for them – Handicap people do not get many opportunities, which make their lives easy. With the assistance of this program, the state authority will be able to assist such candidates in getting proper opportunities.
  8. Getting credits from financial institutes – If any disabled candidate enrolls his/her name in this scheme, it will become easy for them to gain financial loans from banks and other economic institutes. Their application will be processed quickly.
  9. Implementation of Pranam Act – An interesting aspect of this scheme is the final implementation of Pranam Act. With this regulation, people working in government offices will be able to save money in a special fund. When the fund has significant amount, this cash will be utilized for the betterment of aged or disabled family members.
  10. Clearing dues of these candidates – In case the handicap candidates, who have enrolled for this scheme have still not received any pending cash payment under any other program, the state authority will take necessary measures to make the payments promptly.
  11. Reforming the mentality of common people – Apart from providing financial assistance to the deserving candidates, this scheme will also attract the attention of the society towards this grave situation. Changing the overall perception of common people is also an aim of this scheme.

Budget for the scheme

As per the draft of this recent welfare scheme, the VP of India has announced that the state government will take all necessary steps to implement this scheme in all parts of Assam. Without financial allocations from the state government, it will not be possible to meet the requirements of deserving candidates. To start with, the state has already declared that it has kept aside Rs. 250 crores for meeting the financial requirements of this scheme.

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In case society does not extend a helping hand towards these disabled candidates, they will not be able to eliminate hardships from their lives. This inability to get proper jobs results in their deteriorating financial condition. With this economic assistance from the state, these candidates will be able to acquire the treatment they need.

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