Coastal Housing Scheme in Kerala Fisheries Department

Coastal Housing Scheme in Kerala Fisheries Department  

Providing suitable land and housing facilities for the fishermen of the coastal areas has always been an issue that has given the state government of Kerala sleepless nights. The difference in the weather and soil conditions is the main problems in the path of having a well laid out housing scheme. But things are looking up for the fishermen families as the current government, with aid from the Union Government under Narendra Modi has cracked a genius plan. If successful, the same model can be followed in other coastal areas for providing decent houses to the locals.

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About the Coastal Housing Scheme in Kerala

The KSCADC is a department of the state of Kerala. The activities and operations are mainly monitored by the respective department of the state authority. The motto of the KSCADC is ‘Innovate, Transform, Excel’and it has been trying to provide the poor fishermen with proper living conditions. KSCADC undertakes technology attainment, commercial procedures, and commercialization and also provides consultancy.

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Key Feature of the scheme

KSCADC has been associated with the task of developing the socio-economic infrastructure of the coastal areas in Kerala since the days of its inception. The department has invested a lot of money and time in figuring out the best way of giving the rural fishermen a chance of getting the keys to their own homes. The Coastal Housing Scheme has been said to be put to motion in the fiscal year of 2017 – 2018.

Under the Coastal Housing Scheme, the authority has made a list of around 96 families who make their living by catching fishes. All these 96 families have been selected by the Fisheries Department from the costal Kozhikode area. The survey was closely watched and analyzed by the experts of the fisheries as well as the KSCADC departments.

According to the survey reports, more than 11, 583 fishermen families lack the comfort of a decent house. Thus, the government is trying to do something for the local people. There are two main features of the scheme. According to the first part, the selected fishermen families will each be allotted with a sum of 6 lakhs. This money will assist them in purchasing a patch of land where the house will be constructed. The second part of the plan involves allotting the families a sum of 2 lakhs. The money will be spent on the building of the house.

Who will fund the scheme?

The Coastal Housing Scheme in the state of Kerala is the brain child of the Fisheries Department and the KSCADC. They have studied the land and are aware of the nature of land erosion, prevalent in the area. For the time being, the entire project will be funded by the state government of Kerala. In case the state meets some hurdles, the Union government might come to its rescue. All kinds of technical support, needed for the construction of the houses, will be provided by ace architectural institutes in the country.

Challenges of the scheme

There are more than 12,000 families, associated with the profession of fishing. They all stay in the areas adjoining the coasts. But the biggest drawback of the scheme is that it will be catering to the housing needs of only handful fishermen. So, what about the others?

During the announcement of the scheme, the government received nearly 2000 applications. But only 96 families have been short listed for the time being. The common people are still not sure about the selection procedure.The government has promised monetary help for the construction of the home and also for the purchase of the plot of land. According to some experts, the scheme will be more productive if the amount is increased.

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