Bicycle Sharing Scheme PMC

Bicycle Sharing Scheme PMC

The Pune Municipal Corporation has approved a bicycle sharing plan recently. This is in a bid to tackle the rising environmental factors as well as lack of metro railway, etc. to make the commute easier for the daily passengers, this scheme has been approved. Let us know more about it in details.

Launch details

This scheme has come forward on 17th December, 2017. Right now the corporation has just called for expressions of interest for the same. However, Pune residents can expect this to be applied soon.

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Key features of the scheme

  • Main change: People will be able to take cycles to work. The cycles will be docked at a certain place from where people take them to their work or for other personal use.
  • Dockless: the previous method whereby the cycle will be taken f rom and returned to the docking station will not be applied. This is what is called the dockless system.
  • Pune Policy: In Pune we would mostly see the dockless system at work. Hence, there are certain regulations of the dockless system that shall take place here.
  • How it works: People will take the cycles from a system which shall be operated through their smartphone. They will locate the bicycle and then use it for their purpose.
  • Leaving it: After user, the users can leave the cycles anywhere. To ensure that it does not clutter the city, the state will have a ‘bicycle zone’ where you can keep the dockless bicycles.
  • Prevention of theft and vandalism: To ensure that no one steals t he bicycle, the Pune corporation will ensure that there are agencies that are looking after this system.
  • Vendor requirement: To put this scheme into fruition the government has called for vendors to sign 5 year agreements with them. They have to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the civic bodies.
  • Implementation: This process shall be implemented in several phases. First of all, it will take into account the city plan and then the usage of bicycles in general.
  • Budget and Tenders: The budget allocated to this scheme is a whopping Rs. 350 crore. The private companies shall benefit from this scheme as well because they will be given the tender of the same.
  • Road development: nearly 70 kilometers of road shall be put into development under this scheme and bicycle tracks shall be developed.

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This scheme will help the masses to commute in an environment friendly manner and it would also help reduce the carbon footprint of the state as a whole. Also, people might embrace this idea because of the reduction in traffic due to this scheme.

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