ARMS Portal for managing Mid-Day Meal in J&K schools

ARMS Portal for managing Mid-Day Meal in J&K schools

The literacy rate in India has always been dissatisfactory, and the central and state governments have taken many initiatives to encourage children to go to schools. The percentage of children, not going to or dropping out of schools is particularly high in rural areas. The central government implemented the mid-day meal scheme in government schools, to encourage parents to send their kids to these institutes. But this scheme has been tarnished with several controversies. Thus, the need was felt to monitor its operation with an iron fist. For this, a new website has been launched in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The name of this unique portal is Automated Reporting and Management System or the ARMS website.

Monitoring and implementation of this portal

All activities associated with the monitoring of this scheme will be monitored by the HRD department or the Human Resource Development department of the India. The portal is a result of the collaboration of many departments. To start with the School Education and Literacy Department of India had joined hands with the Himachal Pradesh authority. Elementary Education Department of HP and the National Informatics Centre in HP will play their respective roles in the launch and operation of this particular portal.

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Key features of the site

  1. Collecting data related to mid-day meals – With this site, the government departments will be able to keep a tab on all schools and their requirements. For the number of candidates who get the food, to the number of cooks engaged in the task, to the presence or lack of paraphernalia, all will be recorded and displayed via this unique portal.
  2. Displaying data on the site – It is the responsibility of the Education Department to see that each school has provided the data as per the norms. Once the department has these details, they must be fed on to the website.
  3. Providing meal data – It is mandatory for all schools, which fall under the scheme to send their meal serving data. As soon as the respective authority gets the information, they must upload it on the portal immediately.
  4. Action against faulty schools – The responsibility to see that all government schools, which fall under the mid-day meal scheme, have submitted their data or not rests on the Block Development Officers in the state. In case any school has not followed the instructions, the officer can take necessary action.

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With this one of a kind website, the state authority will be able to get all mid-day meal related details with the click of a button. Both state and central authority will have access to this portal. Thus, chances of any discrepancies or mistakes will be eliminate.

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