Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana Maharashtra – Online Registration, Check Beneficiary list 

Aam Aadmi (Admi) Bima Yojana Maharashtra – Online Registration, Check Beneficiary list @aaby.mahaonline.gov.in

People in rural areas mainly depend on their farmlands. Agriculture is their main source of income. So, those families which do not possess any land or have a source of income related to that land, find it difficult to meet their financial requirements. To secure the future of such families, the Maharashtra government has launched a new insurance policy. The name of this scheme is Aam Admi Bima Yojana.

Launch details of the scheme

The scheme has been launched in December 2017. The official announcement of this scheme was done by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis. For the implementation of this program, the state authority has joined hands with LIC. The Department of Social Justice and Special Assistance will look after the implementation of this welfare scheme. In case any person is interested in gathering more information about this policy, one can click on the official website aaby.mahaonline.gov.in.

Key features of the scheme

  1. Empowering the poor and needy rural folks – People living in the villages of Maharashtra was poor and do not have financial strength. Thus, the state government has announced a new scheme that will provide rural folks with money in case of any adversity.
  2. Providing insurance policy to landless people – A unique feature of this new policy is that it will only be given to those people who never possessed any land that was registered in their name, will be allowed to apply for this policy.
  3. Premium amount to be paid – As it is an insurance policy, there is a premium that must be paid in the name of the insurance holder. For getting the benefits of this policy, an amount of Rs. 200 is needed as a premium payment.
  4. Paying the premium – As it is directed towards the development of poor and needy individuals of villages, the individual will not have to make the premium payment. Both the central and the state authorities will pay Rs. 100 each on behalf of the policy holder. The payment must be done on an annual basis.
  5. Coverage amount – Once the payment is made in favor of an individual, they will be entitled to get an insurance coverage of Rs. 30,000.
  6. Providing compensation – In case the person holding the policy dies a natural death or due to any accident, or gets severely injured, the family members will be given money as compensation. It will assist the families in meeting financial requirements.
  7. Amount of compensation offered – In case the insurance holder dies due to an accident before the maturity term of this scheme, his/her family will get Rs. 75,000. The same amount will be given in case the policy holder is rendered invalid or loses sight in both eyes. If the policy holder’s single eye or leg, the family will be given Rs. 37,000 as compensation.
  8. Providing educational benefits – A sudden mishap can force the children to quit their studies. To stop this from happening, the insurance policy program also offers educational benefits to two kids of any insured person.

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Eligibility criteria for the scheme

  1. Residential of rural Maharashtra – To develop the situation of people living in the remote and rural parts of Maharashtra, the state authority has announced that only people belonging to villages and residing in Maharashtra will only get the chance to opt for this scheme.
  2. Age related criteria – As per the circular published by the state and LIC, only those applications will be processed, which contains details of a person who falls in the age bracket of 18 years to 59 years.
  3. Head of the family – As per the details mentioned in the official draft of this policy, an application will be processed only if the applicant is in charge of the entire family and has the responsibility of meet the needs of that household.
  4. Singular earning member – It is mandatory that the person who is applying for the insurance policy be the only bread earner in the family. In case there are two earning members in the family, the application will be rejected.
  5. Must have employment of some kind – It is necessary that the person who is applying for the insurance is engaged in some sort of employment. The job must offer some money as a salary.
  6. Must not possess any land – The main point that will influence either the approval or the rejection of the insurance application is the presence of land. It has been highlighted that is a must that the applicant does not possess any land.

Important documents required

  1. Certificate of age – As there is an age related criterion that must be met, any applicant will have to attach a copy of the birth certificate or any other document that has his/her age mentioned on it.
  2. Residential documents – Only candidates residing in rural areas parts of this state will be allowed to apply for this welfare scheme. So, attaching residential proof is also necessary.
  3. Ration card of the applicant – It is mandatory that the applicant attaches a copy of his/her ration card. It will provide the verification officers with details about the financial status of the applicant.
  4. Voter Identification card – It is also mandatory for the applicants to attach a copy of their voter identity card as well.
  5. Medical certificate – As it is an insurance scheme, each applicant will have to get a medical certificate issued by a medical officer. It will certify that the person is not suffering from any terminal illnesses.
  6. Educational documents – Along with these, the applicants must also attach a copy of his/her educational certificates. It will help the verification officers in checking all details.
  7. Employment certificate – As the applicant must have some kind of job, they must attach a certificate that will highlight the details of that employment.

How to check beneficiary list?

All applicants will be able to check the list published by the state and the LIC. Once the applicant is selected, he/she will get coverage under this insurance program. To check the list, any individual can click on the link https://aaby.mahaonline.gov.in/.

Educational benefits of the scheme

As for the educational benefit that the policy will provide, LIC will assist the family in meeting the expenses of education of two children only. Both these kids will be given a grant that amounts to Rs. 300. This scholarship will be dispatched on a quarterly basis. But there is one condition. The children should belong to any standard, ranging from 9th to 12th standard.

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With this scheme, the Maharashtra state authority will be able to secure the future of the policy holder, and his or her children. The scheme has been developed and designed to ensure that the children of these poor and needy families are not forced to stop their education midway.

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