50 % Subsidy Scheme For Lawyers On Power Bill In Delhi

50 % Subsidy On Power Bill  For Lawyers In Delhi

In todays condition several countries all over the world are facing their hard times to meet their country’s demand over the electricity needs. Even developed countries too facing the electric power storage issues, India one of the promising developing county too is not an exception. The Indian governments taking several initiatives in order to reduce the power consumptions and to find the innovative ways to meet the growing demand of electricity.

Special Subsidy Scheme for Delhi Lawyers

In order to fulfill the promise given by the Aam Aadmi party during the election campaign of 2015 state assembly election, the CM of Delhi now introduced the special power subsidy scheme for nation capital lawyers.

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As per the new subsidy scheme introduced by the Delhi state government recently, the legal representatives of the nation capital who owning official space in the Indian Supreme Court building will have the option of getting reduced electric bill charges. This special scheme allows them to get subsidy from the government if they comes under the criteria on power consumption by the state government.

Highlighting points of the special subsidy scheme

  • As per the scheme, Delhi lawyers who are utilizing electric power less than 400 units will get 50% subsidy from the state government of their net bill amount.
  • The newly introduced special subsidy scheme will be calculated right from the past October month of 2017 to the end of the current financial year 31st of March 2018.
  • As per the data collected from the Delhi government, the newly introduced subsidy scheme for lawyers will be included in the state budget from the upcoming financial year of 2018-19.
  • Just like the subsidy amount carried for the 36 lakh local and domestic power consumers of Delhi state, now lawyers too able to get their subsidy amount for low consumption of electric power.

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Among the several initiatives taken by the governments of India, the Delhi government has introduced special subsidy scheme for Delhi lawyers. Under this special scheme, the Delhi government offering the half of the electric bill amount if the Delhi lawyers consumed power within the threshold limit. Also as per the new terms, the lawyer’s premises in the Supreme Court buildings will be charged under the normal domestic rates instead of commercial rates which are in practice currently. Owing to that there will be significant discounts will be given charges collected per unit of power consumption.

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