24×7 Power Agriculture Sector in Telangana

24×7 Power Agriculture Sector in Telangana

The Telangana state government has announced that it will provide free power supply to the agricultural sector non-stop 24/7 from March 2018 onwards. The trials for the same have already begun.

Launch details

This has just been announced now. The actual launch and implementation of the scheme will be from March 2018 onwards. Till then the government is just checking out how the sample units perform.

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Features of the scheme

  • Benefit to farmers: According to reports, at least 23 lakh farmers present in the state will benefit from this scheme. Also during the testing phase, the actual demand for electricity among the farmers will be realized. The number of beneficiaries can go up.
  • One week of free electricity: The officials also said that they will provide electricity for one week for free for full 24 hours to test how it works. Through this they will gather the feedback and data, based on which they will provide the same service in a streamlined fashion.
  • 58 lakh pump sets given: These pumps were distributed in the districts of Nalgonda, Karimnagar and Medak  recently, as a part of the test, to see the results.
  • Cost of power: The government informed that this power supply will be available to the masses at a subsidized rate this means for free. For now, the test units are also free.
  • Rural and urban households benefit: Nearly 44,532 urban houses and 721,588 rural houses will benefit from this power supply. This project shall give them power supply by the end of 2018.
  • Increasing demand: The power supplied is essential for the farmers who adopted irrigation, and the demand for this is only rising. The officials said that they can only gauge whether they can meet this increasing demand, after they have run the trials.

Budget Allocation

Telangana consumes more power than the national average power consumption. The numbers stand over 985 units compared to 917 units (national average). This is why to strengthen and distribute power units effectively the government has allocated Rs. 1600 crore for this project.

In the last three years, the cost of distributing and strengthening the electric transmission was about Rs. 12000 crore. This cost covered power supply to the regions for 15 hours daily. But this project will cost more as it is aiming to provide 24 hour free electric supply to the residents. 

This scheme is extremely crucial for the rural sector as they need more power for irrigation purposes. Agro feeders need electric supply to help the farmers. At the same time the households need to be brought under electric transmission and distribution channel. This scheme is directly affecting that too.

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If everything goes well and the free trials give a green signal, then the government will be able to provide electricity for 5 or 6 or even 7 days a week for 24 hours. They have already started putting the units in households since 6th November as an experiment.

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