100 Dial Scheme and Mitra Kaksh(Kaksha) Launched by Haryana Government

100 Dial Scheme and Mitra Kaksh(Kaksha) Launched by Haryana Government

Looking at the increasing rate of crime, the Haryana state government has announced about a new scheme. The scheme namely Dial 100 will be a one stop solution for the justice of any crime takes place in the district. Around 600 vehicles will be provided to the police stations across the districts to support the scheme. Under this scheme whoever will call the police and seek for help will get their assistance within 15 minutes.

Launch Details

The scheme was announced by the Chief Minister of the state of Haryana during the last week of November this year in an event in Panchkula. It has been stated that the scheme will officially start implementing after a year that is from 1st Nov 2018. Vehicles will be delivered by that time, lines will be activated and Mitra Kaksh will also be established under this scheme.

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Key Features

  • Objective: The scheme has launched mainly to provide timely justice to the people who have victimised or suffered from any sort of crime. Police, court and law are there in the state now but with this scheme the state has assured that the steps will be taken within 15 minutes of getting a call.
  • Dial 100: The emergency number under this scheme will be activated round-the-clock just like now. Whoever from whichever place in the whole state will ask for help by dialling the number will get assistance from police immediately.
  • Beneficiaries: Anyone who will be victimised of any crime happens in the state will get benefit from the scheme. There is no restriction of time, gender, crime or any other thing for getting in touch with the police.
  • Vehicles under this scheme: As mentioned the state authority will provide 600 vehicles to all the police stations. This means each police station will get at least 30 vehicles under this scheme. These vehicles will be required to reach the crime spot as soon as possible.
  • Technology: All the Police Control Rooms under this scheme will be equipped by updated technology such as GPS so that the officers can reach to the place immediately.

Mitra Kaksh details

Mitra Kaksh will be established under this scheme. Through these centres the victims can ask for help before going to the police station. Many people hesitate to visit police station and seek for help. These Mitra Kaksh will have officers and people who will help these people. The victims will have to visit these places and meet the authorised people in charge.

As the Chief Minister stated, there will be eight Mitra Kaksh established in several places in the first phase of the scheme. These Mitra Kaksh (Friends’ centre) will be the mediator of the victim and police station.

Budget of the scheme

The state government of Haryana has allocated Rs. 153 Cr for the vehicles under this scheme. This amount has been allocated for first phase. On the other another Rs. 2 Cr has been allocated to establish these Mitra Kaksh in several places across the state. In the first phase there will be 8 Mitra Kaksh that will be established with allocation of Rs. 2 Cr within a year.

Approximately 300 police stations will be covered under this scheme where such Kaksh service will be available. According to the CM, nearly Rs. 15 Lac will be spent on each police station for the Mitra Kaksh Services.

How it will work

After discussing the issue the officials will try to solve problems on mutual basis. If the problem is major and police intervention is required then they will opt for FIR file with the nearest police station. The police officers, further, will take action against the person or group involved in the crime. All of the officers and Liaison Group will be in civil dress. The officers will be trained with special skill and training. People can ask for help through online support as well under the scheme.

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In his recent visit to Singapore, the CM of Haryana has noticed that in every 300 citizens there is one police officer in Singapore. Compare to that in Haryana in every 500 people or more one police is appointed. Also he stated that Singapore police roam around without uniform and in civil dresses. This helps them to identify crime and criminal. This inspired the CM to start Mitra Kaksh with officers wearing civil dress. This scheme will be starting from Nov 1st 2018 on official basis. The Dial 100 Scheme will help the citizens to opt for fair justice in quickest time.

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