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Yogi Mukhbir Yojana: Arresting female infanticide

If you take a look at the sex ratio of India, you will be alarmed to see the dwindling number of girls per 1000 boys.  To arrest the situation, the Chief Minister of the state Yogi Adityanath has launched the special Yogi Mukhbir Yojana. Sex determination of the unborn child is a crime. Aborting the unborn child, just because it is a girl is also considered an offense. Both the doctors and the owners of such centers will be prosecuted. The main aim of the scheme is to gather information about these illegal abortion clinics and doctors who assist the process, secretly.

“For improving girl child ratio in country, central government has started Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana and Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

Launch details of the scheme

The official announcement of the Yogi Mukhbir Yojana was made on the 24th of June, 2017. The announcement was made by the honorable CM in the presence of the other ministers and the representatives of the press. The scheme will be implemented in all the 64 districts of the state.

Team details under the Yogi Mukhbir Yojana

According to the guidelines of the scheme, the Mukhbir Yojana will require the participation of three separate individuals.

  1. Mukhbir – The Mukhbir or the informer who will gather details about the illegal practices. A lot is depending on the information that he/she provides as action will be taken according to this.
  2. Woman posing as fake client – the woman will have to pose as a client who is pregnant and is interested in determining the sex of the fetus or abortion. For this, the team needs a female participant.
  3. Relative of the client – the third person will pose as the relative of the pregnant woman. The assistant of the pregnant woman will accompany her to the clinic and the doctor to make it seem believable.

Working Process of Yogi Mukhbir Yojana

The success of the Mukhbir Yojana is depended on the cooperation of the three members of the team, their alertness and acting talents. The following is a crude summation of the steps which an informer team will have to carry out:

  1. Acquiring the information – The success of the whole team depends on the information that the informer or the “mukhbir” will provide. It is the responsibility of the informer to scan the surrounding areas and gather information whether any doctor or any polyclinic is practicing the illegal task of sex determination or fetus infanticide.
  2. Carrying out the sting operation – After the informer has delivered the pertinent info, it is the responsibility of the pregnant woman and the assistant to take an appointment with the doctor or the clinic and carry out the sting operation.
  3. Paying with chemical coated notes – The money that they will pay the doctor or at the clinics will be pre-coated with a special invisible and odorless chemical. The presence of the chemical on the currency will assist in the identification of the criminals.
  4. Informing the police – Once the payment has been made and the validity of the information has been established, the local police will be notified. They will arrest the culprits and confiscate the currency to be produced as proof of the illegal activities, in the house of justice.

Reward Under the Yogi Mukhbir Yojana

The total reward that the entire team will receive is 2 lakhs. The distribution of the amount will be done among the three team members. The main informer will receive an amount of Rs. 60,000. The fake customer or the pregnant lady will receive an amount of 1 lakh and the assistant of the lady will receive an amount of Rs. 40,000.The monetary reward will be given to the team members in three installments.

  1. The first installment of reward– It will be made if the information provided by the informer is accurate and the fake customer and the assistant are successful in gathering hard evidence. Then the informer will acquire Rs. 20, 000, the fake customer will acquire an amount of Rs. 30, 000 and the assistant will acquire Rs. 10, 000.
  2. The second installment of the reward – It will be made to the respective team members when the case reaches court. Then the informer will receive Rs, 20,000, the woman will receive Rs. 30,000 and the assistant will be given an amount of Rs. 10,000.
  3. The third installment of the reward – It will be made once the judge has declared the punishment. Then the mukhbir will get the remaining Rs. 20, 000, the pregnant woman will receive the remaining Rs. 40,000 and the assistant will receive the remaining Rs. 20, 000.

How to be a part of the scheme

There is only one criterion for being a part of the Mukhbir scheme. The members of the team will have to be associated with wither the central and the state government. Only public servants will be allowed to get registered for playing the part of the informer, the fake customer and the assistant.

Contact details of the scheme

If any person, who has met the required criteria, is interested in being a part of the scheme then they will have to get to the nearest government health care center and get their names registered. The authority will summon them when the teams are being formed.

Here you can go for Centralized Scheme  

By implementing the scheme, the police will be able to get to the illegal practitioners. When one crook comes to light and gets the punishment, the others will take a lesson form this and will stop the task of sex identification and female fetus infanticide. It will assist the government in acquiring a healthy balance between the sex ration in the state.

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