Unemployment Allowance Scheme In Himachal Pradesh

Unemployment Allowance Scheme in Himachal Pradesh

With the establishment of the BJP government in the central and many of the states, the common people have seen a host of schemes being implemented. All these policy launches have been made in line with the promises that the party made. Apart from the schemes, which will be implemented on a pan-nation basis, the central government has also made special policies, which will be launched in some specific states. One such policy that has been designed by the joint venture of the central and the state government of Himachal Pradesh is the Unemployment Allowance Scheme. As the name suggests, the policy has been implemented for providing some financial respite to the youngsters of the state who are still not employed.Same scheme started by Punjab State as the name of  Har Ghar Ton Ikk Captain Scheme for youth of the state.

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Launch Date details of the scheme

The official announcement of the scheme was made during the Financial Budget dialogue, which was given by the PM of the nation for the fiscal year of 2016 – 2017. The scheme was a gift for the people of Himachal Pradesh. The Cm of the state Virbhadra Singh made the announcement in the middle of the month of April, 2017. He said that the implementation of the scheme will be done as soon as possible and the state government authorities have already taken the necessary steps for the implementation.

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Monitoring of the scheme

All the activities, associated with the launch and the implementation of the policy will be monitored by the Director of Employment of the state of Himachal Pradesh. He will have the final say in any decision related to the policy and the selection of the people. The Director is the head of the Employment Department of the state.

Features of the scheme

To understand the policy better, one has to go through the features of the scheme:

  1. Academic qualification of the candidates – Under the guidelines of the scheme, all the candidates who have successfully completed the higher secondary level of education, i.e. passed the 10+2 examinations will be allowed to fill the application form for getting the unemployment allowance.
  2. Age limit of the candidates – As per the rules laid down by the drafting committee of the scheme, all educated individuals who have completed the age of 20 years but are less than the age of 35 years will be allowed to apply under the scheme.
  3. Allowance amount – As per the rules of the scheme, the state Employment department has decided that the normal candidates who make the cut will be provided with an amount of Rs. 1000 on a monthly basis. For the candidates who will be suffering from 50% disability will be provided with an amount of Rs. 1500.
  4. Residential claims – As the scheme has been designed for making the lives of the people of the state better, the benefits of the policy will be given only to the legal residents of the area. The selected candidates will have to be the bonafied residents of the region.
  5. Time period of the policy – The allowance is not going to be a permanent arrangement for the jobless. The selected candidates will only be getting the monthly allowance for a time span of two years.
  6. Money transfer – According to the rules highlighted under the policy, the state government will directly send the grant amount into the active bank account of the person. Thus, all the candidates must have an account.

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Eligibility criteria for the scheme

The following are the eligibility criteria that the interested candidates will have to meet up if they want to apply for the scheme:

  1. Academic degree– As it has already been mentioned in the features that no person who has not passed the 10+2 examination will be allowed to register under the scheme. It is only for empowering the educated individuals.
  2. Registration under the State Employment Exchange– As per the rules of the policy, only those people will get the opportunity of applying for the grant who have their names registered with the Employment Exchange of the state. They must be registered for a period of at least a year.
  3. Economic background of the candidate – Both male and female candidates will be allowed to apply for the grant. It has been mentioned that all those jobless individuals will be allowed to fill the application form whose total family income does not exceed 2 lakhs on a yearly basis.
  4. Status of employment – As the scheme has been designed for unemployed candidates; it is mandatory that all the applicants are not holding any office of profit under the state, central or the private agencies.
  5. No self-employment – According to the guidelines highlighted in the scheme, any person who is self-employed in any way, will not be allowed to get the grant. Their application will be rejected by the department.
  6. Dismissal from the government – The scheme has left the former government employees who have been sacked by the departments, outside the beneficiary range. They will not be given the benefit of getting the grant, under the unemployment scheme.
  7. No criminal records – All the candidates will have to go through background checks. If it is found that the applicant had been detained by the police and was put in the custody for more than 48 hours, they will be barred from getting the grant.
  8. Not for the students – The scheme also highlights that if the educated yet unemployed person is currently engaged in any kind of academic courses, then they will not be allowed to apply for getting the grant.
  9. Not for people opting for skill development programs – The state and the central government had already implemented many Skill Development related programs, which will assist the candidates is getting jobs. Such candidates will not be allowed to apply for the grant.

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Documents required for the scheme

Any resident who is willing to apply for getting the grant, they will have to produce some official and attested documents along with the application form. These documents will assist the department in making the verifications. The following are the basic documents that will be needed:

  1. Bonafied Residency Proof – The first document that all the applicants will have to furnish is the proof of being a bonafied resident of the state of HP. It is required as the grant will only be given to those who were born and still reside in the state.
  2. Age Proof – As the scheme targets eligible candidates who are more than 20 years but are less than 35 years, attaching an attested copy of age proof is a must for all. Without this, the application will not be processed.
  3. Qualification Proof–The beneficiaries of the scheme will have to be at least 10+2 pass. For making the verification, the person will have to attach the degrees or certificates for proving that he/she is actually educated.
  4. Bank documents – As the money will be directly transferred to the bank account of the selected candidates. For this reason, they will have to provide the documents, which will contain the account number and other details of the bank.
  5. Income certificate – As the scheme will only give the grant to those candidates who have an annual family income that is not more than 2 lakhs, it is mandatory that the candidates attach income certificate of family income.
  6. SC/ST/OBC certificates – If the person falls in the category of Schedule Class, Schedule Tribe or Other Backward Classes then they will have to attach the certificates too. This will aid the process of selection.
  7. Self-declaration of joblessness – Last but not the least; the interested candidates will also have to furnish the application with the self-deceleration that will highlight the fact that the person is without a job at the present.

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Application form

For getting the grants, all the interested candidates will have to collect the application form from the Employment Exchange of the state. The form will be given to them free of cost. After filling the application from with all the necessary details, the candidate will have to submit it at the respective office or send it by the postal service.

How to apply for the scheme?

First the person will have to collect the application form. Then they will have to fill the entire form with all the details that has been asked. Once this has been done, the candidate will have to stick a passport sized picture that has been clicked recently. Last but not the least; all the necessary documents will have to be attached with the form, before submitting it or sending it to the respective department via postal survive.

For the bright future of the youth of the state, Chief Minister Captain Amrinder Singh announced one more scheme as the name of Apni Gaddi Apna Rozgar Yojana In Punjab.

Online portals of the scheme

In case you are not clear about the features or any other aspect of the scheme, you will be able to acquire all the details by clicking on the official portal of the site at http://eemis.hp.nic.in/. If you have any queries, you can post your question on the portals and your questions will be answered accordingly.

With the implementation of the unemployment grant scheme, the state government will be able to fulfill the promises that the party has made before the election. The temporary monetary help will assist the people in making their lives that bit better and they will get the new enthusiasm to stand up on their own feet.

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