Scheme for Protection Care and Rehabilitation of Beggars

Scheme for Protection Care and Rehabilitation of Beggars

According to the announcements made in the Cabinet Meeting under the parliamentary session, the central government is now planning to eradicate all beggars from begging on the streets. The new updates that were given would soon be implemented once the plan for eradication and rehabilitation has been worked out by the central government.

Launch details

  • The new implementation for formation of the plan and scheme was announced by the Central government. The announcement was officially approved on 4th Jan 2018 in parliamentary session.
  • The government officials have also made it very clear that the scheme for implementation will be completely prepared and implemented by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.

Main objective of the scheme

The main objective of the central government and social justice department for implementing the new scheme is to help provide the beggars with rehabilitation schemes so their needs can be taken care of along with offering them with protection against exploitation.

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Key features

  • The Child development and women empowerment Ministry has also stated that it shall be launching a new scheme for the protection of the child act within the country.
  • According to the latest updates from the centre, the government will be launching the new scheme nation wide that will be sponsored by multiple organizations and departments under integrated services.
  • The scheme will completely aim at offering full protection and care for each and every needy child who is forced for beggary activities and exploitation.
  • The  scheme will work in accordance with the regulations implemented under CNCP act 2(14) laid down by the Juvenile Justice of the 2015 Child Act that aims at offering with right level of protection and care to the child.
  • According to the statements made the government has made it very clear that the benefit of the scheme will be provided to any child who is found straying on the streets or caught under begging activities or even forced to work as a child labor.
  • The notifications are very clear from the government that such children will be directly considered under protection and child care scheme. At the initial stage the government has also directed all Union Territories and state’s to act accordingly for the planning and implementation process.
  • The government has also stated that all necessary funds and assistance will be provided to the UTs and States that they will need for completing with the analysis process within their regions.
  • The government will be setting up institutions and care centers for taking care of such children in each state. The care will be offered via CCIs and institutions.
  • Each child in the respective CCI will also be offered with right level of education according to their age in the centers. Under the scheme the benefit of foster care and adoption services will also be implemented.

By implementing this scheme the central government has taken a big step towards eradicating beggary and poverty such that needy children will also get proper care and education under the government supervision.

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