Samajik Surksha Pension Yojana In Rajasthan

Samajik Surksha Pension Yojana In Rajasthan

After the BJP came to power in the state of Rajasthan, the area saw the implementation of a host of new reforms. The CM of the state Vasundhara Raje Scindia has announced many plans, which when implemented, will develop the overall status of the state. Among these, the Samajik Suraksha Pension Yojana has been implemented in the state. The pension plan combines many other pension policies. Rajasthan Heart Attack Treatment plan also has been announced in State.

After the BJP Government come in power in UP, the state has also announced Advance Life Support Ambulance or ALSA program . and Haryana Government also started Muft Bima Yojana

All pension plans under the scheme

As it has already been mentioned that this scheme is composed of many other pension scheme, it is mandatory for the interested candidates to know about each of the plans. The following are the government sponsored scheme that the Samajik Surksha Pension Yojana encompasses:

1. Chief Minister’s Old Age Honor Pension Scheme

According to the guidelines of this pension plan, this scheme has been implemented for providing monetary assistance to the people who have already attained old age. The age limit for the men and the women is different. The pension will be given if their annual income falls within a certain bracket.

2. Chief Minister Ekalarnarar Samman Pension Scheme

The number of widowed and divorced women in the state of Rajasthan is significantly high. Thus, the state government has implemented this pension under the Samajik Surksha Pension Yojana as well. Under this plan, all the divorced women and the widows will be able to register for getting the monetary grants.

3. Chief Minister Special Salvation Pensions Scheme

This pension scheme has been implemented to develop the economic condition of then physically disables people. All people who are suffering from 40% disability or above will be able to apply for this pension scheme.

Apart from these schemes, the some of the pension schemes of the central government have also been included in the Samajik Surksha Pension Yojana. They are as follows:

1. IndoGram.Vridayavastha Pension Scheme

This scheme will provide a certain pension amount to the people who are above a certain age and also fall in the BPL category. The pension amount will help in improving the financial condition of the poor elderly population of the state.

2. In G.V.Viv. Pension Scheme

This scheme has been implemented under the yojana for the women who are above a certain age and also fall in the Below Poverty Line category.

3. ING. NA: Shankh Pension

Last but not the least; this plan has been implemented by the central government for the providing monetary help to the disabled people who have attained the legal age, as mentioned under the law. The guideline also highlights that these disabled people must be listed under the BPL list.

Eligibility for the pension yojana

In this part, you will get the information regarding the eligibility requirements for registering under the separate pension schemes:

  1. Chief Minister’s Old Age Honor Pension Scheme

All interested candidate, men and women who have attained the age of 58 and 55 respectively, will be able to apply for the pension. The other requirement is their yearly income cannot not be more than Rs. 48000.

  1. Chief Minister Ekalarnarar Samman Pension Scheme

For registering under this state sponsored pension scheme, the interested candidates will have to women. The eligibility for submitting the application is the women will have to be either divorced or widowed. The age of the candidates will have to be more than 18 years. The yearly income limit is Rs. 48000.

  1. Chief Minister Special Salvation Pensions Scheme

This particular pension scheme does not have any age or sex barriers. The person applying for the pension must be disabled by 40% or more. The scheme also recognizes dwarfism. All individuals who are less than the height of 3 feet 6 inches will be considered under the scheme. The yearly limit is Rs.66000.

The following are the criteria of for registering under the central government sponsored pension schemes:

  1. IndoGram.Vridayavastha Pension Scheme

Under this pension package, all the women and men, residing in the state who have attained the age of 60 years. The names of the applicants must appear on the BPL list.

  1. In G.V.Viv. Pension Scheme

Under this pension scheme, sponsored by the central government, will only allow those candidates to enroll who have attained or are more than 40 years. They must be widows to avail the benefits and must fall in the BPL list.

  1. ING. NA: Shankh Pension

If any candidate wants to enroll under this scheme, then they will have to be physically disabled and the minimum age limit for registering under the scheme is 18 years.

Documents required

The candidates will have to submit their official documents, depending on the scheme they are registering for. Producing the Aadhar card and the residential proof is a must. Apart from this, they will have to furnish the widow or divorce certificate. In case the person is disabled, the disability document has to be submitted. Apart from this, the yearly income certificate will have to be submitted. The production of the BPL certificate is a must for the central government sponsored pension plans.

Central Government has also started bima Yojana for all citizen of Indian. You can read about them here Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima YojanaPradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana and Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana 

Samajik Suraksha Pension Yojana Rajasthan Application Form

The application form has been made available on the official online portal of the yojana. The portal is managed by the respective departments of the state government. The form will be available when a candidate logs in and clicks on the proper link.

How to apply for Samajik Suraksha Pension Yojana?

  1. The application has to be made online and also offline. For the application online, the interested candidate will have to log on to the official web link and follow the steps for completing the application process.
  2. As soon as the home page is clicked on, the logging fields will appear on the right hand side of the page. The candidate will have to type in the log in details and click on the link that has been marked as “Log in.”
  3. Then the candidate will have to type in all the necessary details in the application form. One has to be careful when feeding the information as any wrong data will result in the cancellation of the application.
  4. For making the application online, the interested candidates can also make their way to any of the 40000 e-Mitra Kendra. These centers have been set up by the state government for helping the eligible candidates to register.

How to get and verify whole process?

Once the application form has been submitted, it will have to be verified at different levels. The application will have to be submitted in the Sub Division or Block Development Office. After this, the respective authority will verify the documents and forward the application to the sanction committee. Once the final sanction has been done, the order will be sent to the Treasury or Sub – Treasury Office. Then the pension amount will be sent to the beneficiary in the mode that the pensioner has opted for.

How to know status of the pension?

Once the candidate has submitted the application for attaining the monetary grants, they will be able to check the status of the application. For checking the status, the candidate will have to log onto the official site and click the tab that has been marked as “Reports.” Then they will have to click on the link “Pensioner Online Status.” Then the candidate will have to type on the application code in the particular field and enter another code that is displayed on the page. Once they initiate the process, the status of the pension will be displayed.

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Official Site for the yojana

All the details, related to the yojana and the pension schemes can be obtained from the official web page. The link for the website is all-inclusive pension scheme is an effort by the government to develop the monetary condition of the people who need it the most.

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