PM Kaushal Vikas Yojana | PMKVY Scheme

PM Kaushal Vikas Yojana

One of the schemes of the Modi Government that is expected to change the job situation of the nation is the PM Kaushal Vikas Yojana or PMKVY. The program has been developed and implemented under the watchful eyes of the MSDE, which is popularly known as the Skill Development & Entrepreneurship. The main function of this department has been creating opportunities for the younger generations so that they can secure a livelihood by developing their skills. According to the reports of the government, the project has been accepted for the coming four years, from 2016 to 2020.

Objective of the Yojana

The goal of this program is to empower ability improvement for youth by giving financial prizes to effective consummation of affirmed preparing programs. The following points will be able to portray a clear picture of the aims and objectives:

  1. Most of the skills, which the youth of the country possess, are not registered. Under the scheme, the skills and abilities will be monitored and registered accordingly. It will also give the people a chance to get the appropriate certification.
  2. Empower and prepare a substantial number of Indian youth to take up expertise preparing and get to be distinctly employable and acquire their occupation. Increment efficiency of the current workforce and adjust the preparation and accreditation to the requirements of the nation.
  3. With the help of the skill preparations and the associated certifications, it will become easier for the youth of the country to become self-sufficient and earn their own livelihood. Along with the certificates, the government department will also give rewards in the form of money.

Key features of the Yojana

The following are the features of the PM Kaushal Vikas Yojana:

  1. The training will be provided to the eligible candidates. But this will not be an arbitrary training. All the training programs will be carefully thought out by the Sector Skills Councils or the SSCs. The experts of the council will follow all the standards of the NOS and the QPs.
  2. Training will be provided to the candidates according to the requirements of the government. The people will be allocated jobs in the other schemes like the ‘Swachh Bharat’, ‘Digital India’, ‘Make in India’ and others. The people who register for training and skill development will be assessed accordingly.
  1. The benchmark for the evaluating the standard of the skill training will be monitored by the NSDC. NSQF will also play an important part in giving the best training to the youth of the nation.
  1. The individuals who register for acquiring the training sessions will be given a sum of Rs. 8000. Along with this, they will also receive proper certification after the skill training is completed.
  1. The guarantees jobs to all the individuals who register for receiving the skill training. PMKVY will provide them with jobs in other government programs. It will depend on the type of skill that the person has.
  1. The Government has chosen popular cricket star of the country and a youth icon, Sachin Tendulkar to act as the brand ambassador for the project. As the scheme is for the youngsters, the messages of a celebrity like Sachin Tendulkar will have a greater impact.

Eligibility criteria for the Yojana

After knowing about the objectives and the benefits of the scheme, understanding the eligibility criteria is a must. The following are the basic prerequisite for candidates to get their names registered under the Yojana:

  1. The first thing that a person needs, to be a part of the scheme is the proof of being a legal citizen of the country. He or she must be a citizen of the country who is residing in any part within the borders. Interested candidates will have to provide proof of residency.
  2. The interested candidate must be registered under any of the other skill development schemes. The person must also have the required knowledge and skills forgetting a job in the sector he or she has chosen.
  3. Another criterion is that the persons, seeking the training, must have their names registered under the scheme for at least one whole yea. The time will be calculated from the day of the launch of the program.
  4. The money that has been promised as the reward will be given to the candidate once they have completed the course. The monetary grant will be paid all at once.

How to enroll under the Yojana?

To get the benefits of the scheme and to take a step towards a happy and secure life, the interested candidates need to enroll their names under the program.

  1. The interested candidate needs to click on the official page of the scheme. On the Home Page, they will have to fill an application form that will contain all their details.
  2. After the form has been filled, the candidates will have to select the course for which they want to join the training. There are 30 to 40 training fields. Once the selection of the training course has been done, the candidate needs to select the center.
  3. After completing these steps, the form must be submitted by clicking on the “SUBMIT” option. People have the option of choosing a center close to their location.

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Process involved in the Yojana

The government has laid down some guidelines for processes involved under the scheme. The following steps must be flowed for registering under the program and getting hold of the certificate:

  1. To get the name registered, the interested candidates will have to get to the registered skill training centers and choose any of the streams and get their enrolment number. Once they have chosen a course, they will be given a training partner as well.
  2. It is the responsibility of the training partner of the candidate to collect all pertinent information, related to the trainee. The details will be collected on SDMS. Once all the details have been collected, the process of attaining training can be furthered.
  3. Once the training starts, the training partner of the candidate will be accompanying him/her at every step of the way. The training will be imparted at the respective authorized center.
  4. Once the skill training ends, an assessment will be made for assessing the progress of the candidates. After the candidates pass the assessment tests, the respective government department will award them with the certificate of excellence.
  5. Once the candidates have received the certificate, the monetary reward will be dispatched by the government agency. This money will not be handed over to the candidate personally. It will be credited to the bank account of the candidate.

Choice of courses

No two people have the same talent or skills. They are unique and differ from person to person. As the scheme is aimed towards eradicating unemployment by providing the right set of opportunities, the government has highlighted a vast set of categories for attaining training. It will give a fair chance to all youngsters who want to be a part of the government attempt. As of now, around 34 fields have been selected by the respective departments under the MSDE.

Why Aadhar card and bank details are mandatory?

Under the program, it is necessary that the interested candidates have their Aadhar Card. They must also have a bank account. Furnishing the Aadhar code during the registration is mandatory. This will assist the respective departments in keeping track of the number of people enrolling under the scheme. The government department must keep a record of the number of seats which are vacant under every course of job role.

Apart from this, the bank account details and the Aadhar Code are also needed by the government for making the transfer of money, into the account of the candidate, as a reward for successfully completing the course. No third-party will be involved in paying the cash reward. The money will be dispatched from the government department and it will be transferred to the respective account of the candidate.

Fee structure and Assessment charge of the Yojana

As this scheme has been an effort on the part of the government to provide employment opportunities for the youth of the country, no fee will be charged for the training or the assessment procedure. Thus, the program will be beneficial for the less privileged sections of the society.

Training duration

The duration of the courses will be different for each course. It can range from 3 moths to 6 months. The maximum time frame for any comparatively difficult training course will be nothing more than one year.

Number of assessments

The candidate will have to face one or more assessment tests, organized by the respective agency to get the certificates.

Evaluation process of the Yojana

Assessment of the progress of the candidates, taking part in the training program is an important aspect. Without proper evaluation, the pass certificates of the candidates will not be generated. For proper assessment of the progress of the candidates, surprise visits will be made by the experts to the training centers. These visits will be made to monitor the work and training. The candidates will be assessed in the same manner and the results will be announced after the end of the course.

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Monetary rewards under the Yojana

The minimum monetary reward for the candidate, for passing the raining is Rs. 8000. The reward will be paid for every training that a person clears. The monetary reward for every sector will be different, owing to its level of difficulty. The amount of money will also differ according to the levels of training. Level 1 & 2 will give the candidate Rs. 7,500. On completion of Level 3 & 4, the candidate will be awarded 10,000. On the completion of Level 5 & 6, the monetary amount increases to Rs. 12,500. All these are associated with the Plumbing, Manufacturing & Construction sectors

Placement and job guarantee

Only providing training to the poor people are not enough. Once they finish the training, they must be provided with the right employment opportunities, which will give these trained candidates a chance to utilize the acquired knowledge and earn their livelihood. Thus, the government has guaranteed jobs to all the candidates who will pass the assessment tests. Each candidate will be provided a job in any of the other schemes under the government. The trainees will be given jobs according to the training they have opted for.

Contribution towards the Yojana

Apart from the budget allocated towards the scheme by the central government, the state government will also contribute towards the success of the project. As of now, a whopping 1200 crores have been pitched in towards the program and if estimates are to be believed, the scheme can cost 4500 crores. 220 crores will be paid towards candidates who already have any prior training. About 67 crores will be allotted towards increasing awareness towards the scheme. Around 67 crores will also be paid towards the development of the placement cell.

Course list of the Yojana

Sr. No.Industry / Skill CouncilNumber of Courses / Job Roles
2.Apparel, Madeups & Home Furnishing9
4.Beauty and Wellness7
6.Capital Goods6
8.Domestic Workers4
9.Earthmoving & Infrastructure Construction10
10.Electronics & Hardware9
11.Food Processing5
12.Furniture and Fitting2
13.Gems and Jewellery9
14.Green Jobs5
17.Iron and Steel9
18.IT and ITES6
20.Life Science5
22.Media and Entertainment8
24.Paints & Coatings1
25.People with Disability3
27.Power Industry6 
30.Security Services1 
33.Textiles & Handloom7 
34.Tourism & Hospitality9 

PMKVY training center

Since the announcement of the scheme, the various government departments, associated with the project have been racing against the clock to set up training centers. Till the 7th of March, 2017, the government has been successful in setting up around 2032 registered centers for training the candidates in developing their skills. In due course of time, the government may increase the number of registered centers.

Benefits of the Yojana

When a person registers under the scheme, they will not only receive useful knowledge for developing their skills but will also gets a sum of Rs. 8000 as scholarship from the government. Another aspect of the scheme is that, it has been targeted towards providing 24 lakh youth with proper opportunity of earing their livelihood. With the assistance of the expert trainers in the registered centers, the candidates will be able to enhance their skills and strive towards getting a better life. Apart from this, the program will assist in developing the overall financial scenario in the country. There will be a balance in the demand of trained personals and its supply. It will significantly increase the GDP of the country.

Budget of the Yojana

Allocation of funds is important for the success of any program. The central government has already allotted a whopping sum of ₹120 billion for guaranteeing the smooth progress of the PMKVY. If the program becomes a success, it will be in a position of assist around 24 lakh individuals. According to the estimates of the Finance Department, it will require around 1,500 Crores. The money will only be given if they register to attain the training from any of the authorized centers.

Challenges of the Yojana

The government has implemented the scheme on a smaller scale. In time, they will introduce more sectors will be added to the list. More training centers will be set up for reaching more rural people.

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