Muft Bima Yojana In Haryana |Haryana Free Insurance Scheme

Muft Bima Yojana In Haryana |Haryana Free Insurance Scheme  

A lot has been done and said about safeguarding the demands of the customers. The government has now understood that it is about time that they brought about some reforms for improving the situation of the merchants. A lot of schemes have been implemented for taking care of the needs and demands of the business classes, but a lot needs to be done to extend the developmental schemes. One such scheme happens to be the Muft Bima Yojana. The proper implementation of the program will assist the state government of Haryana to safeguard the position of the merchants and also develop their situation.

As the name suggests, the scheme will involve all the businessmen and provide them with free insurance. With the help of this scheme, the government will be able to provide economic security and other forms of protection to the merchants in the state of Haryana. This insurance policy will not only instill their confidence in the state government but will also develop the economic scenario of the state. The need of a scheme like this was felt for a long time as the merchant classes voiced their opinion in support of the fact that their demands are not adequately met. With the help of this program, the state government will provide them with the things the merchants need to feel safe and secure.

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Launch date and Covered Area

According to the official report, the official announcement of the implementation of the scheme will be done on the 26th of March, 2017. The announcement will be made by the Chief Minister of the state of Haryana, Mr. Manohar Lal Khattar. The official announcement will be made on the event of the inauguration of the Business Summit that is to be held in Kurukshetra.

After the scheme gets implemented, the state government will be able to provide free insurance policy and other related benefits to all the merchants and businessmen, living and operating in the area.

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Demands under MUFT Bima Yojana

When talks were held on discussing the implementation of the scheme like this, the state government officials held talks with the representatives of all the merchant bodies and unions to understand their demands in a better way. The following are few of the concerns and demands made by the merchants and their representatives:

  1. The need to implementing the crop lifting capability

According to the first demand of the merchant associations of the state, the government needs to make proper reservations to take care of the crop lifting capacity. Under the scheme, the government will have to record the total crop production in the fiscal year and take necessary precautions to assist the merchants in taking proper care for the produce. The government needs to provide proper markets for selling the produce.

  1. Verdicts associated with the trade of pesticides and other agricultural stuffs

There are no extra points for guessing that for a good agricultural produce, the farmers will have to use pesticides. These chemicals will assist in keeping the deadly rodents away. But if one does not have an idea about the proper amount of pesticides to be used, the chemicals may damage the crops. Thus, the representatives of the farmers voiced their concerns that all people, associated with the selling of pesticides or other stuff associated with farming must have adequate knowledge in B.Sc.

  1. GST registrations must be extended

With the latest announcement of the government, in respect to the Goods and Services Taxes, the merchant classes all over the country are in a fix. When the bima scheme was announced by the state government of Haryana, the merchants placed their demands that the time limit for registering under the GST rule.

  1. Decreasing the problems of red tapeism and burocracy for attaining the vet refunds

The government has already announced that the merchants will be entitled to the vet refund of 25 lakhs. But it was not that easy in the real life scenario as it was on the papers. The problems of going through the numerous government channels was the main cause of delay and confusion. Thus, the businessmen wanted the process to be made easy and smooth.

  1. Providing insurance plans for medium and small businessmen

A lot has been done by the government and the other financial instructions to provide protection to the big businessmen. But there is not much done for safeguarding the security of the small businessmen. With the implementation of the MUFT Bima Yojana, the smaller business owners will be provided with proper insurance policies.

  1. Honoring the efforts of the merchants who are paying more taxes

The merchants are supposed to be pay taxes. The money collected from the taxes is put to the use of the betterment of the business associations and its members. So, the business associations wanted the government to give the high tax paying merchants the honor they deserve.

  1. Installing the CCTV systems in all the markets for the protection of the shops

It is necessary to ensure the protection of the shops or the business establishments of the merchants. Thus, the business association also made the demands that the government must install CCTV cameras in all the markets. This will assist the market authority in monitoring any suspicious activity in the market. With proper monitoring, the shop keepers will not have to worry about any robbery or theft.

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Event under MUFT Bima Yojana to be Announced 

During the inauguration of the trade fair, the Haryana Business Welfare Board was able to bring all the trade associations on the same platform. Most of these associations don’t look eye to eye but they all pledged to work towards making the scheme a success. All the member of the different associations promised to cooperate with the state government and make the program successful, if their demands are adequately met.

The state government authority and the business associations are working together to make the trade conference significant. The demands and needs of both the big and the small business owners will be safeguarded. The authority is of the opinion that they will be able to highlight the needs of the business associations in Haryana.

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