Maternity Benefit Scheme | Pregnant Women Scheme

Maternity Benefit Scheme | Pregnant Women Scheme

On the eve of this year 2017, the India’s PM Mr. Modi announced several welfare and promising schemes and plans for the national citizens particularly on focusing the beneficiaries from the poor and senior citizens. In addition to those schemes, Mr. Modi announces the pregnancy aid scheme for the women across the nation. As per the terms of this pregnancy women welfare scheme, the eligible pregnant women would be able to get financial assistance from the government of India.

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Maternity benefit scheme

Under this scheme, the pregnant women across the nation who opts government health care facilities for their delivery would eligible to gain Rs. 6000 as their cash benefits from the government. The main motive of this scheme is to reduce the nation’s maternal mortality rate. In literal, the maternal mortality rate is defined as the count of women death during the child birth. Though, there may be several reasons for such unfortunate deaths, several women of India died during their pregnancy because of the insufficient health care and poor physical condition along by improper guidelines during the pregnancy period.

Who are all eligible for this scheme?

Though, this scheme is set to be providing various benefits to the pregnant women across the nation, only the women who prefers government’s health care Institutional for delivering their child would be able to get assisted under the scheme and in fact they will get cash amount of Rs. 6000 too. As per the records released by the government officials around 52 lakh women would be eligible to receive the benefits offered under this maternity benefit scheme on yearly basis.

What are all the benefits given under the scheme?

  • Eligible pregnant women would be able to get financial assistance of 6k from the government in order to get proper nutrient diet for boosting the health, and to accommodate the vaccination expenses along by hospital charges.
  • In order to avoid duplicate beneficiaries, this maternity benefit scheme provide cash benefits to the rightful beneficiaries by direct subsidy policy, by which only the eligible and rightful women would receive cash amount in their bank accounts.
  • This pregnancy aid scheme is set to cover the red alert areas in which the maternity mortality rate is higher, as per the data around 650 districts across the nation has been pointed and this scheme is set to be implemented in those districts as initial phase.
  • The cash benefits will be distributed to the eligible beneficiaries in 3 installments (Rs. 3000, Rs. 1500 and Rs. 1500) first one in trimester of pregnancy, second one during the delivery period and finally third one will be given 3 months after the delivery of child.

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How to register under this scheme?

In order to get register under this welfare scheme, the pregnant women must visit the nearby government heath care centers or Anganwadi center where they can receive a separate application form, which they supposed to submit after filling the rightful information along by valid ID proof and doctor’s certification. Very soon, official website is about to be launched by the government for this pregnant women welfare scheme, by using it eligible pregnant women can able to apply via online.

Direct Benefit Transfer Facility

Direct Benefit Transfer Facility is a method newly followed by the government for providing cash benefits to the beneficiaries of the welfare schemes. Under this facility, the rightful beneficiaries of the respective welfare scheme would be able to receive their cash benefits at ease and also quickly to their respective bank accounts directly. Since, the government deposits the cash benefits to the beneficiaries directly to the respective bank accounts, the eligible people no need to worry about the middle men interruption and also for government it will reduce the management cost. Under this pregnancy aid scheme, the eligible pregnant women must own a bank account in which they can able to receive the cash amount of Rs. 6000 deposited by the government directly.

Need of the scheme/ Importance of the Nutrition during pregnancy

India one of the promising developing country, which facing its hard times to over certain issues due to over population. The most highlight issues faced by the government are unemployment and improper health care facility to many rural parts of the nation. As far as the records concern, the India holds the high amount of mortality death ratio as 17% along by the high number of death on live birth and also infant mortality rates too in red alert status.

The main reason for such high death ratio is because of the insufficient medical facility and poor nutrient diet taken by the pregnant ladies. In order to sort out this issue, the central government of India has launched this PM Pregnancy aid yojana scheme by which proper medical assistance will be provided along by cash assistance for taking nutrition food for pregnant ladies.

When it was announced?

This pregnancy welfare scheme by the Prime Minster of Modi was announced on the eve of the New Year 2017. However, there similar kind of such assistance scheme for pregnant women in practiced from 2010 under the name of Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahyog Yojana (IGMSY) that allows pregnant women to receive cash benefit of Rs. 4000 from government hospitals.

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Central and State Government Contribution

This maternity benefit scheme which is aimed to reduce the maternity death rates was shared in-between the state government and as well as the central government for tackling the schemes expenditures. The percentage shared in-between the governments would be 60-40% where the majority parts will be contributed by the central government however, in the North Eastern Regions along by Himalayan states the share percentage would be 90-10%.

For the implementation of this welfare scheme in various states of the nation, the total budget for the 4 financial years starting from 2016 – 2020 touches the whooping amount of over 12,500 Cr.  However, the percentage of central government contribution would get varied upon each financial year.

The implementation of this pregnancy aid scheme by the PM is highly welcomed by the social welfare members all over the nation. With is successfully implementation, the maternity mortality rates would be reduced by significant level in nearby future.

UP State Government also started some scheme for women Bhagya Laxmi Yojana, and Vivah Hetu Anudan Yojana .

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