Gujarat Shravan Tirthdarshan Yojana

Gujarat Shravan Tirthdarshan Yojana

Indian has always been a religious nation. The country is dotted with holy places and the Hindus take great pride in visiting these places. The state of Gujarat is no exception to this and thousands of people, from this part of the nation travel to the holy places inside the state as well as outside. A high percentage of the pilgrims are senior citizens. The state government of Gujarat has launched a new scheme that will provide economic assistance.

Launch Details of the Yojana

The state government of Gujarat announced that it was going to implement a scheme that was designed for making the pilgrimage easy for the senior citizens of the area. The announcement was made by Mahendra Trivedi who is the head of Yatra Dham Vikas Board only after getting the green signal from the office of the CM. As per the official draft, the implementation of the program has been stared from the 1st of May, 2017. The Chief Minister of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani was also present when the announcement was made. It was done in Ahmedabad on the auspicious event of Gujarat Day.

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Key Features of the Yojana

The following are the salient features of the Shravan Tirthdarshan program:

  1. Scheme for the senior citizens – As it has been highlighted; the state government has designed the plan for the comfort of the elderly pilgrims. As most of the elderlies opt for these holy journeys, special care needs to be taken.
  2. Discounts provided – The scheme highlights that the state government will provide the 50% expense of all the pilgrims. The economic assistance will make it easy for these people to opt for the journey.
  3. Travel plans – As per the directives of the program, the state government will provide the cost of the travel of the pilgrims only if the people opt for traveling by the road. The travel plan must be of 2 nights and 3 days at least.
  4. Subsidy for the pilgrims – if any person succeeds in fulfilling the other requirements, then the government of the state will help them by providing subsidy for travelling to 30 holy sites, within the boundaries of the state.
  5. Open for all communities – Keeping in line with the tolerant attitude of the nation, the scheme will be open for people from all communities in the state. All they have to do is fulfill the other requirements.

Eligibility criteria of the Yojana

The following are the only two criteria that the pilgrims will have to fulfill in order to be a part of the scheme:

  1. For senior citizens only – The state government has highlighted that the program has been designed for the benefit of the senior citizens. All pilgrims who have already attended the age of 60 will be able to register for the benefits.
  2. For residents of the state – Another criterion that the pilgrims will have to fulfill is that all the interested candidates will have to legal citizens of the state of Gujarat. They need to have permanent residencies in the state.

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How to get the Application Form?

For getting the benefits of the program, a group consisting of some senior citizens will have to hatch a pilgrimage plan that should span at least of two nights and three days. After this, they will have to collect the application form from any of the state transport centers. The application form can be downloaded from the link

How to apply for the Yojana?

  1. Once the application or the registration form has been downloaded from the website, the interested candidates will have to fill in the form with the details that have been asked.
  2. The copies of the official documents will have to attach with the application form. Once everything is in place, they will have to submit the application form at any of the centers of the state transport departments.

Documents required for the Yojana

If anyone is interested in availing the benefits of the program then they will have to provide documents that can assist the authorities in verifying the claims. As the scheme is designed for the senior citizens and the people residing in Gujarat, the production of age proof and residential proof is a must. For this, the pilgrims will have to supply photocopies of Aadhar Card, birth certificates, ration cards, driving license and passports.

Official Doc for details

If you want to get the details about the scheme, then you can access the information by clicking on the link Here, the details ate provided in the local Gujarati language and will assist the elderly acquiring all the information.

Official site of Gujrat tourism

Apart from the details of the scheme, if you want to get information about the famous holy places in Gujarat then it is better to check out the official page of the Gujarat Tourism. You can do so by clicking on the link

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