E-Sansad and E-Vidhan – Proposed for Paperless Governance

E-Sansad and E-Vidhan – Proposed for Paperless Governance

Taking Digital India another step ahead, the Union Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs have started e-sansad and e-vidhan in India. This initiative has taken to start paperless work in parliaments now onwards. Parliamentary Affairs Ministry has recently started the initiative at a conference.

Launch Details

On the inaugural event of 18th All India Whips’ Conference, Ananth Kumar, the central minister of Parliamentary Affairs has announced about the initiatives. The event was held in Udaipur, Rajasthan. On 7th of Jan 2018 the announcement was made. However the ministry didn’t mention about the operational dates yet.

E-Sansad & e-Vidhan – Features

  • Aim: The main aim of the projects is to go paperless. Both the projects will be available online. No papers will be required for any documentation of any other purposes related to parliamentary work.
  • Go Green: The project will promote Go Green initiative with less use of papers and more saving of trees in the nation. These projects will be environment friendly.
  • Benefits: Documentation, reports, speeches, meetings, committee decisions and all other things will be available online. Everything will be digitized. These documents will be available for the public as well.
  • Transparency: The initiatives have been taken to make things more transparent to the general public. As the portal will be available for all the people, now with every decision/meeting/reports, people will be able to access them.
  • Working process: Both the projects will be initiated to access the working process of parliament and legislative activities in the country. All the mentioned documents including responsiveness, participation, accountability and productivity will be updated with time.
  • Supervision: Both e-Sansad and e-Vidhan will be supervised by the Union Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. All of their activities including regular updates should be published for the public.

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Whips’ Conference

  • Whip: The Whip in politics is a person or official who looks after the discipline of the party. Whip ensures the efficiency and concentrates on the important issues and agenda of any political parties in a country.
  • Whips’ Conference: Every year Whips’ conference takes place to talk and discuss about the parties’ efficiency and legislative participation in the important issues in the countries. On 7th Jan, 2018, it was 18th All India Whips’ Conference was held in Rajasthan.
  • E-Vidhan processing: In the conference the MoPA has presented briefs on e-Sansad and e-Vidhan and how they can be successfully initiated.
  • Other discussion: Along with briefing on e-Vidhan the whips have concentrated on how legislative works can be done more efficiently and much smoother to make things quick.

E-Sansad and E-Vidhan have been announced officially but nothing has been announced about the time for operation for both the projects. As soon as the portals/projects will be out, the space will be updated.

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