Bakshi Talab Yojana In UP

Bakshi Talab Yojana In UP

When the BJP government came to power in the state of Uttar Pradesh, they had the difficult task of meeting the expectations of the common people. Before the election, they had promised a lot of things to the people of the state and now, it was time to give shape to all those plans. Apart from the other reforms, Yogi Adityanath promised that he was going to provide the poor and the needy with shelter over their heads. He wants to see all people living in their own homes. The name to this program was decided to be the Bakshi Talab Yojana. Under this project, around 5 lakh poor people will get their own homes. The scheme was a brainchild of the Uttar Pradesh Awas Vikas Parishad. UP Government has been started one more housing scheme for Poor.

Expected Implementation Date

According to the official records, the proper announcement of the starting of the Bakshi Talab Yojana was done in the month of April. It was also mentioned in the draft of the scheme that the implementation of the scheme will be started as soon as possible. Now, the date of implementation has also been announced. It will start from the end of April and will end soon enough.

Key Features for Bakshi Talab Yojana

There are some salient features of the Bakshi Talab Yojana. Not all will be able to apply for the houses. If you have any doubts about the scheme, then the following points will come to your rescue:

  1. The scheme has been designed especially for the people who fall in the BPL category. The government has stated that all the poor and homeless people will be given homes from the government.
  2. Under this ambitious scheme, the government has taken up a target of providing proper homes to almost 5 lakh poor and homeless families. It will assist the BJP government in keeping the promises that they made before the election.
  3. In the first phase, the government has planned that around 1 lakh homes will be constructed in the areas that are located close to the Sitapur Road region. These homes will later be distributed among the deserving candidates.
  4. Another thing that the state government will require for the construction of these homes is the land. For making these houses, the authorities will require 4000 acres of land. The land needed will be taken from the farmers.
  5. In case any farer is not ready to give up their holdings, then they will be mad to do so under the section ACT-27. The act is associated with the law of land acquisition. The government will have the right to exercise this law.
  6. The farmers who will have to give up their land will be provided proper compensation. But the amount will be decided by the government and no bargains will be allowed. The willing and the unwilling people will be given the same compensation amount.
  7. All the application will have to be mad online. The scheme does not provide the facility of offline applications. The applicants will be selected on the basis of reservations and lucky draw.
  8. Last but not the least; all the applicants will have to submit the application form online and pay a minimum of Rs. 500 or a maximum of Rs. 1000 as the application form fee.

Central Government is also running Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana housing for all .

Bakshi Talab Yojana is Eligible for

For being a part of the Government Housing Scheme, the applicants will have to fulfill some criteria. The eligibility criteria for getting the flat under the program are as follows:

  1. Only the residents of the state of Uttar Pradesh will be benefited from the scheme. All people who are residents of the selected villages will be allowed to apply for the scheme.
  2. As the program has been designed for the benefit of the poor and homeless people, only those will be able to apply under the yojana who have access to their legal BPL certificate. The low family income requirement has to be met as well.

Documents required for the Yojana

For applying under the scheme, the interested candidates will have to produce their identification and residence proof. For this the presence of the Aadhar card is important but other relevant documents will also be accepted. The applicants will also have to produce a photocopy of their ration card. Apart from this, they will also have to submit their family income and BPL certificate.

Targeted Area under Bakshi Talab Yojana

Arjunpur, Behad Karondi, Kamlapur, Bannor, Rampur Behda, Mandoli, Shivpuri Siraha, Kanpur,Chandpur, Bargnani kala, Tikari, Devari, and Madaripuri are the villages where t scheme will be implemented.

Official website of the Yojana

For gathering more information about the project and the process of application, one will have to click on the link . The link will give access to the official home page of the scheme and all the details are highlighted here.

Under the Bakshi Talab Yojana, the new CM of the state will try and fulfill the promises that the party and the party high-commands made. If this phase becomes successful, the government will expand the base.

Modi Government has announced implementation of Smart City Mission for Rural and Urban Cities.

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