Advance Life Support In Uttar Pradesh

Advance Life Support In Uttar Pradesh

With the advent of Chief Minister Yogi Adithynath, a number of schemes have been implemented for the development of the living conditions of the people. All these policies came in line with the promised that the BJP made. One of the most neglected aspects of the state is the health and medical welfare of the common people. The state and the central government has joined efforts in providing better medical facilities by launching super specialty ambulances in all the districts of the state of Uttar Pradesh. The name of the scheme has been kept Advance Life Support Ambulance or ALSA program.

The scheme was officially announced by the Medical Health and Family Welfare secretary of the state of UP, Mr. Arvind Kumar. The decision of launching the scheme in the state was taken under the National Health Mission (NHM) by the central government.

Samajik Suraksha Pension Yojana and Rajasthan Heart Attack Treatment plan have been implemented in Rajasthan State. And after the BJP Government in Haryana, the state has also announced Muft Bima Yojana .

District Covered under the scheme

As per the guidelines of the scheme, the program will be launched over the entire state. The percentage of population in the state is heights when compared to the other areas. The area that the state covers ranks fourth on a pan country basis. There are 75 districts in the state and all of these will be befitted from the implementation of the program. Under the scheme, the state will get 150 super-specialty ambulances that will serve the people in the rural areas and will be available in service 24X7. These vehicles will be distributed in all the districts and will rescue people, suffering from serious ailments. Two ambulances will be allocated for each district.

Specially the scheme for (eligibility)

As the health vehicles are fitted with state of the art and modern health care facilities, they will come in handy for saving the life of all those who have fallen prey to serious ailments and require immediate emergency treatment. These vehicles will be able to collect the patients from their present location and bring them to the closest hospital or nursing home. All residents of UP will be able to avail the ambulance service without paying any money. They just have to be suffering from a serious ailment.

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All the facilities are covered under ALS

The following are some of the important medical facilities that the common people will be able to avail of:

  1. As per the guidelines of the scheme, it has been implemented for the benefit of the common people of the state. The patient or the patient party need not shell out even a single rupee for availing the emergency services.
  2. The ALS program has been implemented keeping the needs of critical patients in mind. Only if a patient is suffering from grave ailments, requiring emergency and immediate life support will be allowed to book these ambulances.
  3. In case the patient has suffered from a massive heart-attack, accidents on the roads, multi-organ failure, pregnancy delivery and such serious conditions, then the facilities of these ambulances will be accessible.
  4. All the super-specialty hospitals will be fitted with defibulators, ventilators and other emergency medical machines and kits. For operating these machines, each ambulance will have skilled team of experts. These vehicles will be no less than a mini ICU.
  5. It will be the responsibility of the government to make sure that all the super-specialty ambulances have a full stock of important life-saving drugs. These will come in handy while saving the life of the patients.
  6. The main purpose of the ALS program is serving the needs of the critical patients; the patient party will not have the need of producing the documents and certificates, acquired from CMO of doctors for gaining the services.

BJP Government has also started health program for Children, Women and Health insurance scheme . You can read respectively Mission Indradhanush (Health Program)PM Surakshit Matritva Program, and Maternity Benefits Scheme .

Motto behind the scheme

The main objective behind the implementation of the scheme has been to provide the poor people in the rural areas with top of the class medical facilities. These ambulances have been designed to act as mini ICUs. All patients requiring emergency care will be able to avail the services that the vehicles will provide. These are the perfect vehicles for providing much-needed life support to critical patients and transferring them to the nursing homes.

Money Sanctioned by Government

It has been estimated that the yearly cost of operating these super specialty ambulances will be as much as 1 lakh. The huge cost of operating these vehicles will be shared by the central and the state governments. The expenditure will be shared at 3:2 ratio between the central and the state governments.The central government under Modi has promised a whopping sum of 1.8 crores that will only be utilized for meeting the operational requirements of the ambulances.

According to the official announcement, the central government has already allotted a whopping sum of Rs 12 crore for the successful implementation of the scheme. The funding has been under as per the rules of the National Health Mission.

As the CM of the state promised the people that he will take necessary steps for improving the medical scenario, he has been implementing many reforms, associated with the health care arena. This free service will benefit the people in case they are in awful need of medical assistance.

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