IT cells of political parties | How they work | 2021 Indians | Fake news alert

India is in the middle of a mythical information dilemma, and it’s becoming impossible to connect people with credible news sources particularly on social sites.

How this whole procedure take place?

A page with Catchy title 

The first thing they do is to develop a page with the title high in demand among people like getting a girlfriend, Jobs for you, Adult content pages and a lot more. The benefit they get by naming pages like this is that they get the audience that can be targeted easily, an audience which is new on social media and is not very much aware of the online environment. For them whatever they see on the Internet is true information. And once these pages get a reasonable audience. They start working on their actual agenda. 

The real agenda

The purpose behind these pages is to support and promote a specific political party and their ideology.

Every single person on this planet requires food, water, shelter, sleep, and novelty regularly to be their best selves. Common people don’t find it crucial to have a political belief especially the lower middle class and poor people. In a democratic country if a political party need to make an impact among the people then they need to have their devotees. 

These IT cells changes the name of their pages once they get enough followers. They change their names in support of the XYZ party or an ideology. In India, it’s usually based on caste and the religion, so most pages are named on its basis. Now these IT cells have a page with enough audience and propaganda.

Process of building trust

The point is that it doesn’t matter whether the individual support that political party or favour their ideology. It’s a long process to make individuals obsessed for something they don’t have enough data about. They start the process by posting positive content about that party or ideology. The fact is, Nobody likes to see the negative content while they are consciously aware, that’s why it’s important to first make them less conscious. When people see a lot of good work by a particular group, the brain starts making an image of them. Slowly but surely they turn you into a supporter. Till now eve you don’t know that some IT cell had already decided your political opinion.

The dark side of IT cells

Let me be honest, Till now hasn’t done anything wrong. But they are not getting any income from it as well. There is a saying “Supporting one side don’t make impacts as much as building hate about the other side does”. Now the real work of these IT cells begins, To turn supporters into an overwhelming supporter. They post negative information about the other side, which are mostly fake news or misleading news. They will do the same till the person become a strong supporter of one side and start hating another side.

Why they do that?

These pages are sponsored by the political parties based on their reach. You must be very well aware of the YouTube policy that they pay $1 for 1000 advertisement views. Here Political parties pay based on the followers, likes, shares and comments. 

Types of offers

To discredit a Political party or opposition leader

For the IT cells, it’s very easy to discredit an ideology or a political party. They start with posting fake news for weeks let’s take fake news with more than 1lacs likes and 1000 shares. 4-5 lacs weekly visit on the page. 2 or 3 videos related to their propaganda. This will be enough for them to discredit the other side. And their success rate defines the amount of cheque they will get.

Opposition IT cells

The work of opposition is to defame the government and for that, the best concept is misleading the people and manipulate them to speak against the government. For that, the IT cells are earning a lot. And if they announce a protest they will be paid around 2-3 lacs. For promoting the protest the amount gets double. The protest in Delhi before the Legislative Assembly Elections is a good recent example we saw the hate comments everywhere on social platforms just to divide the votes based on religion. 

What we should do

A good thing is that people are now understanding this thing, but the problem is that people of urban areas are understanding this thing but when it comes to Rural India, people still think what comes on their WhatsApp is the correct information. 
First, you need to make yourself aware of all these things and once you get it, start sharing it with your family members and friends. Keep one thing in mind, Instead of targeting an individual or political party, try to educate them without calling any name. 
In the end, our purpose is to keep humanity alive. Keep reminding you that we are all united, and we believe in peace. 

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